How to train if you are a student.


Dear dudes of! I want to ask you for advice, it’s really important to me. You are older, you have more sports experience. Due to the busy schedule I have no time to deal with them for the past six months. Therefore, regular workouts I have are rare.

Can I divide the workout into two parts? First in the morning at 7: lessons on the horizontal bar, dips, pullups wide, narrow and reverse grip and maybe press. The second night at 5 at home: bench press the weights from shoulder, pushups, exercises with expander on the bicep and forearm exercises. Is there any point in this exercise? Or should I try to steal time for complex?

I hope I asked the right question and you will understand what I wanted to say.

P. S. I am a student, 18 years old, 73 kg, 180 cm.


Many famous athletes, including old Arnie, believed that two training sessions a day is a great idea. To some it may seem that this is very much for one day and can lead to overtraining, but it’s not. In fact, two training a day is not two, but half a workout. Both exercises are very different. First, as a rule, shorter than the second time, usually not more than an hour. It should not be very difficult because you have to work all day. For the first morning workout, it is advisable to choose circularly explosive approach. The fact that you gave her a job with their weight very well. We offer you to make the first morning of circuit training because of the high intensity, great way to Wake up, to work up an appetite and a good alternative to cardio. Sample program: warm-up, pushups, pullups, dips, pull-UPS, different grip, press. After that rest for 1-2 minutes. Between exercises no rest, do each for 10-15 reps, immediately move to the next exercise. To repeat just a few laps. Very exhausting, but effective.

The second workout should be harder and longer. At least an hour! Working with weights is a huge plus, you’ll grow. Increase the number of sets and find other exercises with weights. Weight – a good shell, use it wisely. The sense of such trainings, of course. The main thing that they were REGULAR. In the future, recommend you to still go to crossfit, or section in the same swing, because the loads will be already insufficient.

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