How to trade the friendship for the friend

In your life man has to face three challenges: jealousy of a girl to your friends, friends being mad at the fact that he spends more time with his girlfriend, demanding to do something because «you’re the man». Well, you need to start small, so let’s try to solve the first two causes of male suffering. And you remember, because after the wedding it will be too late.

Who’s the king?

Let’s start with the most difficult and dangerous, so to speak, will take the front. Well, what is this lady that puts you the ultimatum: «me or your friends?» And then what? She’ll make you shave your legs because she’s uncomfortable in her sleep to touch your hairy limbs? «It’s me or the hair?» Nonsense. Forced to stop eating meat, because its presence in the fridge is a cause for panic? Yourself are not disgusting? Then it requires not to breathe in her sleep because she blows. You cannot afford to drive themselves into such a framework. Stick to the opinions of the classics: every man is king in his house.

Who knows how long you’d last with this lady, if you have only the beginning and you’re not sure if she was the one. If she thinks it’s okay to give you ultimatums, then you try to act her own methods, too, became an ultimatum and let her know that without comrades will fail and it will suck, or… a Normal girl should understand that you need to communicate not only with her. A normal girl will not try to hide you under the heel.

Joint gatherings

The people who surround you should at least partially deal with your insanity. If these problems do not arise, do not hesitate to bring his beloved in the company of friends. Agree with the comrade in advance of the temporary taboo on things that will be able to embarrass him (you know, if friends don’t like it, it will only get worse). For example, it is not necessary to watch porn with her and let your friend will refrain from descriptions of their military exploits on the genital the front. But, you know, to persuade the other that you’re well and that she’s not a bitch, it seems, is much easier than to convince that friend of yours does not affect you badly. Be the initiator, find a General topic that you had something to discuss. Seeing what you do, she will calm down. This seems crazy, but many girls get mad just because you don’t know the circle of their men. But if their communication has gone too far, at the same time it will become clear that with a friend and a friend you are very lucky. You’re not George Harrison to attend the wedding of his ex with your friend (Eric Clapton).

Even better if your friend would take with a girlfriend. Then she will feel more comfortable and your friend will look more profitable. However, if every meeting he will lead a new young lady, your beloved may not like it.

And your, and our

The easiest and most logical option is to alternate the meeting in equal shares. Friends need much less attention, they can see and once a week, spend one or two Saturdays per month. Do not forget even during these meetings to call her Madam, interested in how she, and in any case don’t tell me you just megagreeter. Well, max is quite good, maybe even good. And don’t forget to say I love and miss her. Be flexible – this is a wonderful recipe, thanks to which Belarus and Fyodor Bondarchuk have a livelihood.

Possible and impossible

Here we touch not so much methods, how many ways, how not to behave. First of all you need to keep your word. Most want to beat your friend when he promises to meet and then calling 5 minutes prior to hour X and says that he can’t come because I’m working. Most often busy with his Madam. It’s a shame, Yes? He just did not dare to tell his home Mussolini to today’s booze. So remember how the «our father»: friends to break off is impossible.

Now go to Mussolini. If you set it up specifically against each other, say you meet a former classmate or even some from the past. Say that the meeting is more business related, and alcohol – Yes, a necessary aperitif for accelerating the business process. Stretching the truth, but not lie like a gas meter, to write stories about meeting stupid and pointless, at meetings of other odors. You can’t betray friendship.

In the end, promise something to her friend in return. My friend after each drinking a friend gave the gift and drove in the movie. The other acted more sophisticated: made her evasive conversations about the value of friendship, and grim stories about how long since he had seen his companions. It seemed (though kind of a bitch). But not the fact that this method will help, especially it is too long I watched the show «Friends» in order to master this art.

There was a lot said about girls, but male half can not be ignored. Never go on about the friend who encourages her to quit. never even saw. Who knows, maybe your friend is a rare asshole, no matter how well you did not belong to him. In any case, a normal person would not say such without examining the person.

If all else fails

If all else fails, you are unlikely to be comfortable to live together. This is only the beginning, only the tip of the iceberg called «I’ll break the rest of your life.»

But to convince friends who shout: «Drop that whore!» – much easier. Friends accept you, friends understand.

And if someone thought that the main purpose of the article is a call to leave their second halves, you are deeply mistaken. We were just trying to find a delicate compromise between the two concerned parties. And

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