How to throw a friend which feel pity

For the sake still can’t forget the dog-beggar, who long ago approached me on the street and stood up on his hind legs, so to speak, suggesting: «I attraction you, my brother, and you give me food». The dog was filthy, emaciated, dirty with matted hair and piercing sad eyes. They were so lonely, the hungry, the sincere grief of a dog that does not share with her was impossible. The dog is not man, will not lie even in the most extreme case. And then I look and realize that if you want to tell me life will suffer from remorse. But, unfortunately, no pockets, no sweaty the children’s palms I had nothing. Only apathetic air 90 and tremors. And like I’m not guilty, but still feel myself a scoundrel.

And all these torments – from a simple dog who just stood up on his hind legs. But what if we are talking about a girl who, perhaps, loves you like no one ever will love, killed for you, trying to please and to please, even at the cost of his mental and physical health. But you don’t love her. And live so it is impossible, Oh impossible, otherwise his life will ruin, and the girl.

Stop compassionate Hydra advance

Clearly, it is better not to begin such relationships. Apparently, pity there is a benefit only in old tales and Proverbs, in which for a bit of that feeling to you come to the aid of magical animals, wizards and other good cattle. Of course, it will be very badly hurt, but then everything will be worse. And for God’s sake, try not to be blinded by the rushing of the cerebellum of pride. It is clear that for the first time, some female of the human race pay attention to you, but to confuse themselves in such a relationship much harder and more painful especially when you Wake up the conscience and a longing for freedom.

Unloved is just going to irritate you, you will begin scandals, infidelity and a breakup with you. It would seem, a good alignment, but only the lady will try to please and do everything to appease you, bastard, and do other stupid things. The result: a broken heart, remorse, disappointment in his personal life. The latter in both.

Maybe it’s love? is often the case, the blind haze of lust, pride and catchphrase, «is that we are not serious», – the way to turn mind on the first paragraph. What to do in this case? To try to understand what you have in common. If pronounced pity from any side, then go, but if something more, then maybe you are made for each other. Your Esenin nature abhors sex, snot, every second of emotion and weeks held close to each other, and the prodigal soul beckons away from the hearth – well, here you are. You any will be so boring and sad.

Run, man

And if you did not meant your pistils and stamens together and produce beautiful and not citizens, as it was said twice, although we are not too lazy to repeat for the third time, dump her. You don’t feel sorry for her, you pity yourself. It is clear that you’re used to it, and some part of you cannot accept this situation. But you’ll find the love of your life or you’re older, you sunesis, will be drier and patient and, following his ambitious ego and experience, you will begin to meet with the lady that just live comfortably.

But that is not the case, the fact that you need to get into your head and scrape off the plaque that makes you feel like you owe her something. You don’t owe her anything, not grams. To suffer you don’t have to waste time has. And she, by the way, too. Think about it and drum into his head that it cannot continue. If you think that you are not ripe until ripe old age when you can make promises to do all his life having sex with only one woman, go.

It’s not so bad

It is not necessary to consider it as some kind of helpless moron that will die of hunger and despair, as soon as you slam the door. All she was okay. Slit my wrists – the hell kind of psychopath. The case, of course, delicate, you will repent, but if the head on your shoulders, make sure that you don’t need.

However, this is too much an extreme case. Most likely, your rupture will without cheap drama, tantrums and revenge. Just ego prevents you from seeing everything that is happening in reality. You can have one without the other. And everyone can have one without the other.

And your words about how much she supposedly in love with you, with the same narcissistic Opera, and that your noble mind compassion. Nobody should feel sorry for, it’s just not appreciated, and you’ll look like an idiot with a bloated ego.

Bridges must be cut thoroughly

manygoodtips.com_29.02.2016_qtbqMCmaa7siRDon’t need like Scott pilgrim, to hide from domesticated women, literally jumping out of the window as it approached. Bit of solidity and a real white guard of honor in a terrible alloy your character does not hurt. You need to talk tete-a-tete, as it is not straightforwardly without sending a cowardly message. Tell it like it is, without hysterics and sharp pig screams. The conversation may seem long, but it needs to be honest. As well as yourself. Although sometimes you have to FIB about what you loved another, and that don’t mind staying friends with her.

If suddenly after arhierejskogo conversations your lordship will pester blackmail, and seemingly random messages, phone calls, ignore it. Any contact more than 5 minutes gives her hope. And most importantly, he don’t start pounding the silly idea that you can return. Maybe family, maybe she will, because she loves you… No, I will not endure. Don’t lose your courage, find your. Do not be like Dr. Mengele – he also tortured people.

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