How to tell stories

Who is the soul of the company? Someone who knows how fun and provocatively to telling stories. Such love, such value, such a call to stay, and then when you grow old and grow fat on the anniversaries in the restaurant.

However, this gift is given not to everyone, except the chosen one. But in doing so favourites become very easy because there are rules that allow you to be the first talker in the village. And if you podnatorel, you stand-up club, joke pseudointellectuals in front of an audience.

Pick a story that is important to you

manygoodtips.com_31.08.2016_kPszZgC2nz6pIThe problems start from the very beginning — what story to choose? It’s very simple, take the one that disturbs and moves you directly. You can delve into the maze of his own past, and to get something that is placed a mark on your future. Most likely, the story that seems to be amusing you think so and your friends.

Divided into parts, and competently serve each

Your narrative should not differ greatly from the literary narrative. So mentally, break your story into multiple parts. Do not forget to specify those details which are necessary for normal perception of the story. You can even start with the proverbial «One day…», the rising action is always perceived much easier.


Most importantly, don’t forget to provide paint details in the course of the narrative. There is a cinematic technique — pile of colors and special effects for the floating fragments of the script and uninteresting details. So here, don’t be shy to add some color to those points which in your opinion can not deprive the attention.

The final part of the story has to be the most effective. It was the ending makes it clear to the audience why he was forced to listen to it all. Of course, these rules are not suitable for all stories, but they are guaranteed to


Focus on the right parts

not everyone likes to read Balzac, who passionately loved to describe everything from squiggles on the pavement, to the wrinkles in the corners of the eyes. The condensation may be and helps to present more details to the story, but only the most persistent individuals. Listening to too much of information overload, stories are very difficult. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to focus on really interesting and juicy moments.

The purpose of your story — to get people to experience the same emotions that you felt. So, if you want to stuff your story with the vivid detail and add it to their personal experiences. It is a versatile material, people are much more interesting to know about your personal status and respect than on defects in the corrugated tube. The man of natural curiosity interesting and useful to observe other people’s behavior, because this behavior he can use in the future.

Tell the truth

manygoodtips.com_31.08.2016_NfaN336X428M8You’re not a fisherman, the woodcutter in a remote village, not a convict, not a superhero, or even a traveler, you are an ordinary person, have you seen all that could see Fedor Konyukhov, but does that mean listening to you completely not interested? Life is full of fun, anyone can have an interesting story. Therefore, always tell the truth, no need to decorate. Because people who start to make up stories some details to seem better, the entire focus is transferred to their magical awesomeness, why the listener the question, «what story?». This is especially funny when everyone knows you’re a dick and a coward, and in the stories direct Bruce Lee.

In fact, the most interesting stories those where the narrator is sincere and not hiding their inferiority, stupidity, strangeness. The truth is much more fun and interesting, so no need to try to decorate it with extra fictional details. When you start to think on the move is evident, as coherent and sincere narrative.

Practice and work on things

All need practice, even such seemingly simple things. Blurts these stories himself, was breathing, write down details that I would like to convey because such things are completely forgotten, slipped my mind. And without them the story is like a sailboat without sails — what nonsense. The story in the style of: «I came into the garden, I was beaten by a mole. It was painful. Well, everything» — the success will not use.

We talked about sincerity, but everywhere there are details that must be omitted. Some because they are meaningless and uninteresting, and some discredit you. That’s why it’s important to plan your speech before it becomes public.

And most importantly, your story must first and one hundred and twenty first time sound equally interesting and cheerfully, so, please, try. If you are asked to tell it again and again, then congratulations, this is success.

Study the audience and don’t be afraid of failure

Don’t be afraid that your story will not be accepted or understood. People are different. The interests are different, it’s just a story — nothing more, nothing less. But later noticed, on what points people were excited, which laughed, and yawned. And most importantly, if possible, consider your audience. If you know that some people can’t stand jokes about members, or categorically against any mention of jokes from the Internet — that it should be considered.

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