How to tell a girl that she’s bad cooking

girl bad cooking

There are many awkward situations in the relationship, however, with all this diversity, few things can compare with the need to confess to the girl that she’s a bad cook. Women are very sensitive in this regard, but your taste buds too sensitive. If you don’t want a secret from a friend to feed his dog under the table, you need to have the courage to tell her the truth. How to do this without offending her? Not an easy task, however, if you develop a plan that can achieve the goal of a little blood.

Don’t be cruel

She could hurt you by putting before you a plate of stuff that you would not even on a dare. But still that’s no reason to insult her. She might take offense even the simple fact that you don’t like her food. You can say something like: «what are you doing in the kitchen is a crime against food. What do you think?» in the end, you’re waiting for the hysteria and the end of a relationship, in General, a lot of problems. Try to be softer, say you really appreciate the fact that she cooks for you, and in passing note that the result of this cooking is not always the best. Maybe you can turn it into a joke and you both laugh at how much face did you swallow the first several pieces.

Tell her that there is nothing to worry

If a girl cooks for you, she’s doing this to you. If you tell her she’s a shitty cook, she’ll feel like a loser. Tell her that you love her for many reasons, and it doesn’t hurt that she’s a bad cook. If she doesn’t feel love, her self esteem will sink to the bottom of the ocean and your relationship will collapse.

Offer her help

Maybe she genuinely believes that spaghetti Bolognese is a cheap meat, is imposed on the oily overcooked pasta, and on top of this splendor is topped with grated grated cheese. In your power to show her the difference. Even if you’re not a foodie, you know what you like, unless you’re poor, who eat the cheapest pot noodles on the ground. The ability to cook is absolutely mandatory. If you offer her help in the kitchen, you will show her that you want to solve this problem with joint efforts. You can try out some new recipe, and the result is much stronger than she likes to cook, if you see success. Besides, now you will share success and failure, so she won’t feel guilty.

Praise her

When you will help, you will cooperate, and as a result you get something more or less decent. The rest of it, of course, remain a lousy cook but still got to give her credit: she started to work on myself. When her hands finally released something edible, anything to reward her. For example, give her a massage. Tell me what you liked, and it is likely that in the future it will be every time to prepare better. She might even start experimenting with dishes.

It is unpleasant, but if she cooks really bad, better to tell her about it. Maybe she does not even know, and you’re forced to choke her works of culinary art. Here the main thing — your desire to change for the better. She’s not hopeless? Be honest with her, and if you don’t speak asshole, she will go to meet you. And if not… frozen pizza is delicious, right?

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