How to tell a girl that her boyfriend is a jerk

her boyfriend's a jerk

Are you tired of looking like your friend is suffering in their relationship, and still do not understand why she does not notice that her boyfriend’s a jerk? All pointedly silent and pretend not to notice anything, but this monster offends her, and you can’t hold it anymore. Maybe she already understood that her boyfriend’s an idiot, and just wants confirmation of his thoughts? Or is it denial? In any case, it is better to be honest and to use any combination of these four ways to tell a girl that her boyfriend is a poseur.

«You’re too good for him»

Your friend is smart, charming, handsome, funny jokes — in short, too good to meet up with the idiot. Start with compliments to soften it, and gently note that she deserves a man who will be as intelligent, nice and witty, and her current boyfriend is not very suitable for this role.

«When he’s around you change.»

If your friend as if deprived of mind and charm the neighborhood with my boyfriend, it is definitely the same sauce, which she needs to apply the information that her boyfriend is a total asshole. Tell her that it suppresses her identity to his unnecessarily large ego. Should he enter the room and she immediately changes. Her actions clearly show that she is unhappy that she is what she is accustomed to the constant presence in your life big and bold obstacles.

her boyfriend's a jerk

You know, focus on his behavior

Her friend is probably constantly demonstrates to others the best examples of perfectly crappy behavior. Let his actions speak for themselves. Next time he will do something nasty, pay attention to this fact. Let them ask themselves the question: can a normal, kind and sweet man to throw that kind of stunt?

Any strongly smooth and soft persistent

The objection takes root deeply, especially if the girl is persistent dreams of romantic adventures, instead of having to face reality: her friend asshole. You need to be persistent. Every time, it’s worth it to say his name, just say he’s a bad person. This is a dangerous step, she may lose patience, however, when she cry because of his antics next time, keep ready sentence: he’s a jerk.

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