How to teach girlfriend to play video games

girl with headsetCouples who play together, stay together longer, right?

A friend is not in any way specific to video games. Somehow there is a stereotype saying that women do not matter. Come on! Let me tell you a terrible secret, dude: a lot of girly play. Often they don’t talk about it because they’re afraid that they can make fun of, because «What? Girl playing? Ha!» And some of them may kick you ass.

So, a girlfriend in advance do not believe in themselves because of this shit and not even try themselves in video games. I think they are vulnerable — they generally live? A little bit of doubt — and they have already thrown up, always you have to reassure them. But once you’re signed up for a relationship that you default ready. So if you’re planning to teach your girlfriend to play video games, here’s what you need to remember. First, it is not necessary to submit this as a problem. Second, do not treat this event very seriously. Just have some fun. It is not necessary to have the game turned for you to stress.

And another thing, don’t need to try too hard to climb out of the skin. If this whole games ahead of relationship, then you have serious problems. If you scream and complain every time in the game you kill, your mouth will see your suffering and will forever refuse such entertainment: she doesn’t like when you’re enraged, and she doesn’t want to be the cause of this. Just have fun, it’s interesting and strange new stuff! You can laugh at shkolotoy in the game, going behind her and even defend her (ahaha, girls love it when they protect). Do it at your leisure, take the game easy, it is, in the end, just a game. Well, until then, until it starts to do the backside.

If she does not know how to play, teach her, be very patient and don’t freak out if it fails

First, you, too, nifiga not understand. First of all it is difficult, and that’s fine. Remember this every time you want to raise her voice. It’s your friend, ale, gather yourself together and be patient! First, she will turn out badly. But you explain it one more time. Explain everything to her. With the basics. And after a while ask — she can forget everything: too much information at one time.

Don’t make her speak into the microphone

So, here you too will need patience. I understand that you urgently want to boast that your girl learned how to play, but don’t rush it. She can be shy of these conversations during the game, and they can distract her. When she starts coming out at the same time to run around and aim, then you can talk about the microphone. Not all at once, dude.

Tell me what game is for you

She’s a normal person, you chose her, and she’ll understand you. When you tell me what game is your hobby and you used to relax, she will have a choice: or to give you something you love or leave your privilege (there is no question that it will start to correct you). If she understand that you usually spend your free time, it is, of course, will see this as an opportunity to spend more time with you and get pleasure. She wants to do something nice for you, well. And as soon as she sees new opportunities to be close to you, she will not fail to take advantage of it.

So I strongly suggest to take things as easy as possible. If your friend will see that the game is fun not only for nerds, but it is a fun thing, you’ll get yourself a wonderful company. Isn’t that beautiful?

Let him play with my friends, not to be the only girloy

This can be the most difficult item in the whole list: most friends are afraid to even try their hand at video games. However, nothing is impossible — call friends to play with you. Can make a deal with them: they are a couple of hands with you, and you then go with them to a silly romantic Comedy or just take them to the Mall. And even cooler if you invite friends, and she their girlfriends (they all should digest each other, of course), and throw a party. Play any video game on his huge plasma. It doesn’t have to sitting directly in front of the screen waiting for the queue, let someone talking, someone playing and everyone minds their own business. Girlfriend will see how people are passionate about the game and it will be interesting to try.

Petrolite with her someone so she’ll stop being afraid to talk to other players during the game

Gamers are a peculiar people, loves trolling, and many friends are afraid that their head will get too shit. They are also sensitive and often unable to stand up for yourself, especially when you are not familiar with the specifics of the conversation. Here everything comes with experience.

Explain to her that a lot of people that he talks different stuff and not trolling others. Teach her not to take it personally. If it’s going to Troll, try and do anything related to the conversation and stick up for her. She is Oh so appreciated. First, you will come to the rescue and give others a good laugh over it. Secondly, she will understand that it is not her problem, and you can fight back. Thirdly, it will no longer be afraid of the microphone itself will begin to Troll everybody, eventually.

Don’t make her play again when she already tried: she will need it or not

So, you managed to persuade her to play with you. Maybe even several times. But if she says she doesn’t want more so the way it is. You don’t want to beg her and beg to be annoying whiner? No court is no fun though itself. And she will start to think that wasn’t good enough, or you’re bored with her — in short, will cause his head to storm. Instead, know better?

Reassure her during the game and praise when the game ended

Girls are much more emotional for us, so any negative reaction can to upset her. If you praise her, she will be confident and will play with you often. And again: be patient. Even if you encourage her always and lost it once — you brought all efforts to nothing. No need to mock her mistakes, or she does will chime in to play. Show her how you’re glad she’s learning to play. Then she will become more confidence. Let him do what he wants, so in her brain will emerge a strong associative link: you — computer game — happiness. And you is just at hand!

Let them try all the games that you want.

The taste and color of comrades there. Everyone likes different games, and your girlfriend is no exception. It is not necessary to limit it to one game and say that together, you will only play this. Igor a lot, you can choose whatever your heart desires! Call of Duty is a good option friends like it very much: addictive. But there are other options. You better know your friend and he can offer her any game of your choice.

If you try, man, assure that you should get. I did. Good luck!

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