How to teach a girl to love football

the pair at the stadium There are many questions on which the views of men and women do not converge, and not the warmest of them — the attitude to football. Most dudes are interested in football and love to watch it, but girlfriend is not always you know what the interesting thing is that men kick each other’s ball — and, moreover, for so long. Nothing spoils watching the game, as a friend, which is annoying. The best way to get out of this situation — to get her interested in what is happening, to involve, so to speak, on the light side of the force. Let’s see if our recommendations will help you with that.

Get her to bet

Right are those who think money is the best motivation. To knock out his girlfriend to put on any team and she will be watching the match would beofgreat interest. The Internet is full of betting sites. Who knows, maybe its a way to select the best flowers or cute charms will bring you good luck?

Buy her a female football uniform

All girls love to dress up. Make a surprise for her — bought her form your favorite football team — and not a shapeless male and a pretty female version. Or abstract football uniforms — some of the pink stuff. It will be fun to flaunt in new clothes, and at the same time and watch the game.

Make during the game girly drinks

Let’s look from a practical point of view: after all matches are long, you have time to skip a couple of Beers. Your friend too, you can entertain — make her a cocktail, and it will be quite another matter!

Tell her gossip about the players

If she’s not interested in the game, its rules are even more confusing. And here is the story about the players is clearer to her: girls love to gossip. Tell me which player met with someone who I married or who are divorced — now — is another matter. For example, when my friend recently watched a football match Borussia—Bayern, it was a thrill to hear why Ribery scar on face.

Play with it a little

Your girlfriend thinks football is boring? So she will appreciate how it popinat one evening a ball at the nearby stadium. This should be of interest to her: first, exercise is useful for the figure, and secondly, it’s exciting! Along the way you will be able to explain the rules and show how they work.

During the match play erotic game

Well as erotic. For example, you can kiss her whenever the team for which you cheer, creating a dangerous moment. And, you can remove one item of clothing when they score a goal. She will be pleased that you came up with such a good idea.

That is, in principle, and all that came into our head. Of course, another option is to go to the stadium with your mutual friends, from the heart to paint, to hurt, to scream — can also be an interesting experience.

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