How to tattoo yourself

manygoodtips.com_5.08.2015_Cz1nnEnQmQWULIf the yard laughing at you, because you have no domes, the thieves ‘ stars and portak with the words «Elephant», there’s only one thing to fill them yourself. To the tattoo parlor to go expensive? Well, there is one option. You can purchase a standard kit home tattoo. However, I want once again to ask: are you sure you’d be good at? Maybe it’s better to contact professionals?


The kit come with paint, most often black, but some coloured, two sterile needles, ink, one package aquafor, two medical gloves, sterile gauze large sterile plasters, two sterile wipes and instructions.


The first step

Carefully Hey, here. sterilize the area of skin you want to desecrate a tattoo, alcohol. Not inside and outside. A pleasant chill, a peculiar fragrance in the mind thoughts of the first snow, first love, first cavalry brigade of comrade Budyonny – no matter what you think ahead of the pain, the thoughts must be positive.

Step two

Carefully check the needle is not bent and it does not flow through tiny pinholes of ink. Fortunately, these needles are absolutely safe and sterile – it would be pretty embarrassing to explain to your doctor that you got hepatitis C from needle purchased online.

Step three

Check the manual and make sure your environment is, if not sterile (which is unlikely, even in hospitals it is rarely sterile), then at least clean, and that out of the closet you will not fall run past on the run and breed germs. But once again to disinfect and clean the table, which laid out the tools for the tattoo, will not be superfluous. I don’t want to get swelled up like a Thai melon.

Step four


Shake vigorously and pour ink into the sterile ink. Lay gently, imagining in my head that the slurry will remain forever in your young innocent skin. Black butterfly, skull and bones, cartoon Pinkie pie – what would you do, everything will be painful and unpleasant. Moreover, you are not tattoo artist so don’t expect a masterpiece.

Step five

Choose those places which are able to reach. Do not dig his spade. Can’t – ask a friend. You should not just stuff, and to trace what happened.

Step six

Urine rushed through the pipes! Come on, my boy! Just stick yourself in the skin with the needle! You’ll like it! The needle should go into, but not enough to cause bleeding. If you have thin, aristocratic skin, please, and if not, don’t zasandalit ink under the dermis. Don’t make such a mysterious act into a bloodbath.

Step seven


You haven’t gone crazy from its own coolness and pain? No? Remember all that you wanted to kick yourself? So, make sure the picture turned out clean and smooth. If you need to distract yourself from the pain, hold the brace as the Casper van Diana in «starship troopers» when he was whipped. Be patient, my boy. Pain builds character, and your dad will never be proud of you. Although, maybe he did deny you, knowing that you filled your Stalin at home.

Step eight

If you feel that the pain is not obtained, the blood flows as of the severed head in «Kill bill», and indeed the pain is some very nasty and cruel, you should stop. Your health is more important. If you are really serious, you can always fill his «X» and say that you or one member of the team of mutants, and your main ability is to do moronic things at home, or an evil wizard killed your parents and wanted to kill you, but the spell ricocheted off of your coccyx and killed him.

In General, no health risk there, of course, if you’re disinfected, and the needle was not in your body by half. Again, such complex things that will stay with you for life, should be done by professionals (if you care about yourself). But if in sleep after spice you saw the Archangel Gabriel, who commanded to fill your wings near the temple, remember you have to do it right, nice and neat.

And to you it was more fun, listen to uncle Misha. Misha stuff not advise.

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