How to talk to any girl

manygoodtips.com_24.08.2016_PKE7Xvhmmb3r3Even the most confident, calm, talkative and cheerful guy turns into a modest from «the Town», as soon as the horizon loomed the figure that you want not only to love but also to touch. Blood pours from the head, all confidence is lost. Seems like you Graham — the Australian miracle Yudo mannequin of a man that is not afraid of the accident. And as a result, because of this heap out of nowhere leaned complexes, conversation is impossible. And have to talk, otherwise, how to interest and to conquer this lady, my lady. Besides, it never hurts to know the girl a bit more, for example, she has no malevolent brothers, dick, six children and mental disorders.

Actually no secrets of universe here, remember a few rules of how and how not to talk to girls.

Be yourself


The first rule is obvious, as the prostate in 55 years, but it works. Don’t try to be Ryan Gosling, if the nature of neither the face nor talent did not. So don’t try to be a hero, because the hero is always one, and he’s out of range, and if a lot of characters — this is a band of some sort. And since you’re not a hero whether good sincere guy. This will help to avoid unpleasant conversations in the future, and how to fall in love with your fake copy, and a new plot for a Comedy melodrama ready.

Do not use the techniques of the pickup too vigorously

The best pickup guru always and at all times were dictators, drug lords, tyrants. Look how many mistresses was Mao, and I understand that any Burr Council and other «masters karateli» no one in front of the sun. He raised the issue directly — or love, or a lot of problems. To choose, of course was not necessary.

Most likely, no one from community this craft has not, and the rest of the truck rolled up — a very frivolous thing, rather embarrassing expose themselves. Anyhow best pick-up approach — when you give her the right to choose between their own lives and relationship at gunpoint.

In any case, never use standard pick-up scheme, if your initial advances not made an impression on her.

Don’t come back

manygoodtips.com_24.08.2016_No1CRi7KsOO0qFrom the rear go, or guerrillas, or strange people. And since the article is devoted to the art of sudden rape or subversive works, I want to recommend you not to scare the lady a sudden, even spectacular appearance. Come on in, so to speak from the front, solid confident gait. To the girl examined and realized that in front of her — a normal guy, not uptight or weird guy.

Be a gentleman, like a gentleman

Observe the rules of decency, remember taught dad. Dad taught: «Be courteous, polite and well-mannered, and then you’ll give.» So, if the girl is fully involved in a conversation with another person, do not dare to interrupt. Suddenly she communicates with her best friend, which then will conspire against you. In the end, you’re not left with half an hour to live, so no hurry. How go to chat, be sure to say Hello. It is so easy to say «hi». Only for God’s sake, don’t ask «How are you?», «How was work?».

Ask her name


As a real horseman, you have to act quick, and even a little embarrassing. Ask her name, then you will. Already contact better! Girls like it when in conversation refer to them by name, this gives them a little bit to feel «one and only».

Don’t be uptight

Now, when a conversation ensued, in the shower there is some confidence. The finish line is still far away, but half way passed. Most importantly, relax and enjoy the process. Laugh, smile, be persistent, speak up, and not tajimaya physically, nervously crawl hands.

What with her to talk

So, what can I say? All just talk about her. Talk to her about those things being talked about with any other people for the first time. I mean, look at the situation.

If the meeting was held in the gym, then ask how long she goes there and can suggest something. Was found in a supermarket, and caught her near the shelves with poison for rodents and ants — ask her why she prefers to poison the animals, and perhaps that you have the same problem. An example is exaggerated, but the direction of thought is clear. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to seem stupid. Certainly in the conversation can slip a couple of phrases from which it is better to get rid of, but if all goes well, then these phrases get lost in the noise. Your task — to interest her, to cheer and thereby help her to open up. Do not forget about jokes, women love fun and to be entertained.

Don’t hesitate to date

manygoodtips.com_24.08.2016_DtSbWDykW6Op8This may sound strange, but do not delay the invitation for a date. Tell her to sit just at the peak of your communication, not the end of the conversation when joy and sympathy slowly subsides. That is, don’t call her to drink champagne in the bushes immediately after the word «Hello», a little later, if you are interested in, and when she began to speak. Such a proposal would automatically lead to exchange of contacts, then to discuss more specifically the details of the rendezvous. And then you can continue the conversation on any topic. But if you feel that the Holy energy fades out of the conversation, it is better to leave and go «to the phone». Contacts you have.

After they gave you contact, don’t wait 48 hours, do not try to appear unobtrusive. Doing so only momma’s boy. Try not to tighten with the invitation. It is clear that there is work and things, but ideally it is necessary «to hammer in an arrow» that evening when you met.

Don’t be the alpha male

Alpha males put other people below them to look better in the eyes of the lady. But even a smart girl will distinguish feigned show-off.

Do not rush

Take your time. Remember, ladies love a calm and collected gentlemen with a cool head. Keep pausing before saying something. This rule works in conversation with any other person.

Don’t be boring or too serious


Don’t be too serious and don’t try to look too serious. Seriousness scares, recalls the tediousness. More smile, and did not have time to discuss with her exposition of the task of a preparatory analysis of the presence, because there are more pleasant and unobtrusive themes, such as sophistry or hypermastia.

Don’t tease and not hurt her

Don’t tease and not hurt her. Don’t mock her habits and tastes, no matter how ugly they were not. Otherwise you’ll scare away your potential happiness.

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