How to talk to a crying emotional girl

Logical answer: it is better not to speak. But sometimes necessary, like when she sweet passion as you. The work is very necessary. Or… Yes, a lot why. Dealing with emotional girls is a great art, which we must learn. I not so much met dudes who understand how to treat a girl. Even less, I have met those who know how to deal with the emotional instances. The reason that bro does not know how to deal with emotional girls and girls in General is, in my enlightened opinion that we men just don’t want to give the value of the feelings of the girls and their behavior. It seems to us defective, in that time, as it’s just a little emotional our. Feelings, tears, and other elements of emotional girls scare bro who refuse to understand the idea of their girlfriends and just go to your online game or friends. And the girl is upset even more because she doesn’t want to pay attention to and don’t want to hear. Yes, she is, in fact, right.

Emotional girl is a girl in the n-degree. How to be with them when they are upset about something, crying and bad?

1. «All is well»


When a girl cries, we used to say that «All is well», as do the heroes in movies, but that was a disgusting way of consolation. «Well, thank you, Captain obvious, of course, everything will be fine, give me a minute weep!», — thinks the girl. The best alternative to comfort to say: «I see you’re REALLY upset now. Come here…».

2. «Don’t cry!»


«Maybe you will I still breathe?»,- will think about the girl. Any phrase in the spirit of «don’t be sad!», «Smile!» is equally annoying as girls, and bro. When the girl’s tears won’t stop so just need to wait when they are no longer themselves go, that is when resentment or sadness will pass. Best alternative:: «Let me give you a handkerchief». Guys who approach girls at tears with a handkerchief increase the chances of the adoration and sex after tears many times!

3. «Don’t cry, let’s have sex!»


You do need to say how it’s really lame phrase? «Yes, sex is generally the last thing I think. He thinks his penis is magic?». Instead of meaningless sentences, after which you may lose a couple of teeth, just start to hug her, to kiss, to stroke her hair… And everything will be

4. «Be strong for me!»


«Are you implying that I’m weak?» or «what I’m emotionally vulnerable is a weakness.» In fact, this phrase is disgusting, because terribly worn out. She will be strong, but only for yourself. The best alternative: «You’re strong, you can do it!».

5. «…»


She cries, and you are silent. She cries, and you are silent again. She cries, and you sympathetically and sigh. A soulless beast! Best alternative: eye contact. Logka a sympathetic smile and clapping on the shoulder. The pinnacle of empathy, to cry with her.

6. «Well, why are you crying? It doesn’t matter much! Stop making mountains out of molehills!»


«If I cry, it already has a meaning,»I will answer you myself girl. Best alternative: explain why you’re so upset.

7. «Are you pmsing?»

For the sake

«And I can be sad and cry in the remaining days?», — sincerely indignant girl. By the way, not always the girls these days have mood swings, Oh, not always! The best alternative: you have a hypersensitivity, right?

8. «There’s nothing you can do about it. So why are you so sad?»

Unfortunately, many men try to avoid sensitivity, empathy and emotional dependence. These words are spoken after something heavy, such as the death of a loved one. In my opinion, say these words a little blasphemous. Unfortunately, these people can’t understand that if every living person on earth would follow your logic, the world would be even more unpleasant place than it is now. The best alternative: I know it’s hard to accept…

9. «You’re too close to heart!»


If a girl cries, it’s for her, it still makes sense. The best alternative: «I understand that now, you think it is that bad, but things can change with time!»

10. «Pull yourself together»

«Oh, wait, where’s my switch of emotions… And, Yes, I don’t have it!!! Fuck you!». The best alternative: «Cry as much as you need. I’ll be there»! And it’s yours man, guts! Because it was incredibly beautiful!!!

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