How to take pictures on the iPhone even better the fact that due to the iPhones every second considers himself a photographer, to do the normal pictures of only a handful. However, there are a number of rules that will make you and your phone the photographer the level of «National geographic».

1. Manual focus

Autofocus on the iPhone just as fickle as Alla Pugacheva. If you have any problems with the autofocus, which does not want to focus on the drunk faces of your friends, touch the screen until you see the AE lock/AF yellow letters, (Auto exposure/autofocus Lock) and lock it in place.

2. Davie wisely

The shutter button on the touch screen is not as convenient as the shutter on a normal camera. So always keep your phone in the same position for a few seconds after pressing the button. Also, bear in mind that the photo is not saved when you press the shutter button, but only records the picture. And even as let go – the picture will be ready.

3. Limeray

Photo of plane that is flying somewhere in the blue distance gives your photos an impressive depth. So put the object that you want to take nice pictures along the horizontal lines in the center of the composition to give the final product more depth and perspective.

4. Do not play with the scale

Never. The end result will only seem blurred, fuzzy dirty divorce on the windshield filthy bear «Mazda» because it’s not real optical zoom. Instead, get closer to the subject or just crop the final image that you don’t waste so much resolution. And if you can’t neither stupid not to take the picture.

5. Try apps that unlock the true potential of your phone

The developers were able to create a wide variety of programs, which use far more camera features than the standard app. Options like Shot Pro and VSCO Cam allow you to adjust the flash output, white balance, zoom 50x and a few more.

6. Use flash when absolutely necessary

Despite the amazing firepower of the iPhone camera 6, flash him to hell, and you’ll only that waste precious photos, which everyone, especially the people who will remind ghostly anomalous creatures. Whenever possible, take the picture, just take the picture in good light or use a program to increase the exposure later.

7. Edit

Modern technology gives you so many opportunities, and you do not edit! A program such as Photoshop Touch and Snapseed, a great photo edit and set up the correct color imbalances, straighten, etc.

8. Drop

We naturally tend to take pictures from the chest level, but if you omit the lower bound to the navel, then nothing terrible will happen. On the contrary, will help to create a more dynamic image. However, to go below, say, knee-length, it is not necessary. Better then fully.

9. Continuous shooting

It is easier and more efficient than harvesting several times per second the shutter button. The function of the burst will take several photos in rapid succession, ensuring that you don’t miss the perfect shot.

10. Think about Instagram

If you plan to upload photos to Instagram, use the square photo option. Thus, don’t have anything to cut and add meaningless white lines. In the end, what are the camera on the iPhone, but for Instagram.

11. Attach the lens

For true photographers have a variety of external lenses, which can greatly improve the quality of the photos. The app essentially turns your fancy smartphone into a DSLR camera.

12. Do not leave the grid

Many photographers to make a truly kosher photo, use the «rule of thirds», representing vertical and horizontal lines dividing the screen as a field for the game «noughts and crosses». However, Apple loves you and so came up with a screen mesh, which can be found in the settings and use for the proper location of the object and obtain the best composition for your photo.

13. Keep it steady

While photographing, keep an iPhone as hard as I can to photograph were not inundated or eroded. To ensure a stable position of the camera in several ways. Some applications use the built-in phone accelerometer, which senses motion of the device to take a photo only when the camera is at rest. Be sure to turn on this feature.

To ensure a stable position of your body and your smartphone, hold the gadget with two hands. If alcoholism doesn’t leave my hands alone, use a level surface like a table and the like. I hope how to use the table, do not need to learn?

14. Panoramic images

iPhone – thing advanced. It is not necessary to abandon the special techniques to produce unique photos just because you don’t have a fashionable camera. Try the technique of panorama, moving the camera with the same speed at which the moving object or person. The background is slightly blurred, but the object in motion will appear quite clearly.

Regular application will also give the opportunity to make panoramic photos using your iPhone. It is quite simple, only need to turn on the desired setting and hold the camera in a circle, and the smartphone itself will put together the whole image.

15. Clear lens

While the lenses of conventional cameras is protected from accidental impacts thanks to special covers for the iPhone camera, you can often see fingerprints, scratches, grease, foam and other marks of civilization.

Wipe at least occasionally, at least have the decency lens cloth different in the pictures nothing but dirt, not be seen.

16. Use the HDR mode

Another option, a supported iPhone mode High Dynamic Range (HDR). Using HDR, you can capture a much broader range of tones and colors, resulting in higher quality pictures than when using the flash phone.

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