How to take on life of their own?



Good day,!

For starters, the classics: Thank you, team! Respect and a firm handshake to all of you individually. You inspire people to new achievements and changes in this worthy cause!

Now the question itself:

I’m 20 years old, and I’m willing to change themselves and their world that, in fact, a regular practice. But in this place there is one catch: due to changes in myself, I began to despise humans and humanity itself as a whole. His attitude to society, to fully realize a year ago, after reading the book of Jack London «Martin Eden». My vision of the world, in the end, came together with the vision of his main character.

And this is not good, quite the contrary. It has not led to isolation or social anxiety, I’m not afraid of society and not embarrass yourself. Just stopped to see the sense in people, or rather, in most of them, and now I don’t even what to talk to them. I have a friend, have some good friends, and this is enough, because I see no point in communicating with someone else and not looking for some new friends.

Yes, comfortable, but I also understand that without new people, socializing with different people and relationships do not get to take his in this world.

To force myself to communicate I can’t, so you can get yourself to deceive? Maybe I don’t understand people as much as sure? Don’t disregard this question, the answer could point the way lost dude.

The answer

Hey, dude! You wouldn’t believe how we love to read such classic entry with thanks! Thank you for such appreciation of our work, we will try you now not to disappoint.

So, in the ranks of the misanthropes sight of another replenishment. Where to start with your answer… first, no Martinitower we here will not tolerate. The work to which you refer, of course, worthy of respect. The main character, like Baron Munchausen, pulled himself out of the swamp and brick by brick, with great difficulty and perseverance, has built his new life and himself. That’s only when he has achieved everything what I wanted from the experience, vision and knowledge did not allow him to enjoy a well-deserved triumph. Is Woe from wit.

And despite the love London, I can’t understand why healthy, strong and rich man, instead of continuing to look for other ways that would satisfy his rebellious mind, he decided to commit suicide, as if offended by the whole world young lady from a second-rate romance novel. That kind of crap from the series: «in spite of Mamma, I will rip out your eyes and walk one-eyed!» No, it’s not our candidate, and good that you understand that this mindset is alarming.

Or maybe you just settled the evil which now seeks to escape? Try to go to the priest and make your confession to him in their hatred to the world. Then dive into the hole 7 times and eat 4 raw potatoes. And to completely clear yourself from that pride, try to practice urine therapy doctor Malakhov. Rumor has it that after that people learn Zen, go to Tibet and live a happy life, eating bamboo and sunlight.

But seriously, I do not see your problem. The whole edition lives with a similar Outlook, and, apparently, so we love to teach others. Each of us has a narrow circle of relatives and friends with whom we are candid, which we appreciate and love. And the rest? Cares about others, strangers in fact people? Are you worried that without Dating you won’t take his own in this world. Dude, you’re twenty years! Your first priority is to successfully finish University and then get a good job with prospects. And «take his» you can do it only with the infinite investment in yourself and in your self, as well as such qualities as perseverance, tenacity and hard work.

For all the good you’ll never be as all will not be good for you. This is normal. It’s natural. But without a spine and balls you can wipe your ass these same acquaintances. Because substantially all of the powerful, no matter how asshole they are, has achieved its position yourself. And nobody is going to hold on to you, if your head is empty, but you could put in a word of any Director whose daughter you regular Spud.

You have your whole life! Try not to put human race on the cross and give human beings another chance to make amends in your wizened eyes. If your life is rich, fascinating and full of interesting of the time, you’re destined to discover, and with people who share your interests.

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