How to survive Valentine’s Day alone

Valentine's day aloneYour friends are already vying different, that Valentine’s Day will receive another useless Teddy bear or that I have no idea what gift to choose the friend (not read, probably, our tips). «I wish I had your problems! — I think you sadly. — If I have someone to give gifts, I would be happy!» Unfortunately, we are unlikely to resist stereotypes about the celebration of love, romance and other troubles. Maybe there are ways to celebrate this holiday in splendid isolation?

Even if no one will give you a card in the shape of a heart, it does not mean that the festival failed because you’re single. Is without a girlfriend and not spend the time? Don’t call ex-girlfriend to find a company to this feast: not worth powder and shot. Knock yourself out is also interesting.

Let yourself something

Stairs to watch a movie («Nymphomaniac» just started) or in the restaurant, which has long interested you. In order to spare the poor and lonely yourself, invite your friends and have fun at glory. Buy, finally, that shirt seems too expensive, but cool it looks on you — just have a reason. The main thing is to get pleasure from their classes and from himself.

Throw a party

Call all your friends and girlfriends who have no pair, and set the heat! Mix cocktails, put on some music and forget about all these «I have nobody». Will Friday is the best time for fun.

Go to the party

If you asked — go and do not look for excuses: people will understand that you don’t want to come. Who says you’re not supposed to have fun, if this is not your specialized celebration? Who knows, maybe exactly at this party and start your new relationship…

Relax at home

You had a hard day at work, you’re tired and want to relax in the comfort of home. What does not exit? Order some delicious food or buy it on the way home, turn on a good movie and then some — the ones you always wanted to see but kept postponing. The main idea of this Council is to do what you enjoy, and be glad that no one needs to argue about the menu choices, nor about what to watch.

Peasant evening

Gather all your friends that are currently not in a relationship, and will have you their society «Without women». Go to the bar for a drink, watch football, and then, if goes well, will go somewhere to continue the feast. Who said women can’t be fun?

Spend time with nice girl

Stay alone with a friend that you like, but with whom you have nothing in common. Who knows, maybe the romantic setting will bring your relationship to something more interesting. But be careful, entering this territory: often sex friendship turns into unforeseen difficulties.

What holiday?

Do your usual business, as if no holiday in sight there, and this date is no different from the other dates. Go to work, then to the gym, and back home, eat delicious dinner and see the show. You sleep, Wake up and will be on February 15. Nothing will change — except for your press that you didn’t download something else in training.

It’s your day

Valentine’s day is no different from all the other calendar days. This is another festival of consumerism that we forgot to buy chocolate hearts and pink cards. However, if you don’t want to spend next Valentine’s Day alone, think about how not to become a hardened bachelor. Although what is bad? Everyone is well!

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