How to survive the worst day at work

manygoodtips.com_11.04.2014_R9wDyN0gJyGcWWork is not a wolf in the forest will not run away, and sometimes can bite and scare. To defend against the wolf in our days, we’re not asking (although we know how to fight an alligator with his bare hands). Better let’s try to save a bad day at work, if not to prevent it. How to do it?

1. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

2. Learn to manage your emotions and not to fall under their power.

3. Develop a sense of humor.

4. Lean makeovers.

5. Sleep.

6. Try to arrive 10-15 minutes early.

7. Do the breaks.

8. During lunch break walk, rasteryalsya, jump — in short, get warmed up.

9. Do not overdo it with caffeine.

10. Do not skip any Breakfast, nor for lunch.

11. Learn to recognize the symptoms of stress (anger, headache, panic) in order to neutralize him.

12. Make friends with a colleague.

13. Talk to someone about your stress.

14. Concentrate on your breathing; breathe slower and deeper.

15. Put on the table, pictures of people dear to you.

16. Concentrate on the present. Forget how fucked up in the past, don’t worry about the future.

17. Oluchi a minute and be alone.

18. Find a harmless way to blow off steam (to beat a pear, to do push-UPS).

19. Series of boring things.

20. Don’t pretend you’re multitasking. Even in Windows it does not always work.

21. Periodically remind yourself what’s really important in life.

22. To improve your skills. Always strive to be better.

23. Avoid negative people by all means.

24. Try to look at the situation from different sides.

25. Choose tasks that are appropriate to your character.

26. Learn to say «no».

27. Always have a contingency plan (the same one that in a movie called «Plan B»).

28. Be organized.

29. Clean up your mess in the workplace.

30. Stop procrastinating.

31. Make your workplace as ergonomic as possible.

32. Wear comfortable clothes, and then you’ll look well in it.

33. Motivational quotes.

34. Learn how to influence your boss.

35. Meditate.

36. You should know exactly what is expected of you. This is not always necessary to speak with authority.

37. Write down what you like about your job.

38. Make a list of their achievements over the last year.

39. Set a goal every day and stay away from it at least slightly.

40. Learn to be happy with yourself.

41. Smile.

42. Ask for help if you need it.

43. Learn to prioritize and give assignments to other people.

44. Stop comparing yourself with others and what they are doing.

45. Find yourself a hobby that makes you happy.

46. Break large tasks into several smaller ones that can be done in one sitting.

47. Know your limits and make sure others also know about them.

48. Don’t try to control what cannot be controlled.

49. Thanks.

50. Do not rush to write a statement.

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