How to survive the first professional crisis it never ceases to worry about those who, after graduating College, could not recover from the shock of the first meeting with adult life. Here are some tips on how to survive your first in life professional crisis.

1. Do not overestimate yourself

The temptation to ascribe the summary a few lines about the skills or experience that you do not possess is very high. However, that is the stupidest thing you can do right now. At first you anyway have to learn very, very much. Do not complicate life for themselves and their employer, do not have these unpleasant surprises.

Better try to make it so that you took for your true abilities. And if you feel that to build a career in your field of interest, you lack certain knowledge and skills — there’s always courses, workshops, and just the Internet in the end.

2. Be realistic

Nobody gets their dream job, just graduating from University. You need more than one year of hard work in order to gain experience and knowledge that will allow you to get a «perfect» job. Well, normal work.

It’s time to realize that things in this life are not easy, man.

3. Be thankful for what you have

So, your first job sucks. But instead of whining, look at the situation from a different angle: do you have education, some no work and have the opportunity to find a good job (there, there, I’m telling you). Many don’t even own one item from the above.

We do not suggest you to compare yourself to a starving boy from Ethiopia (although, you know, sometimes it is useful to recall about these guys). Trust me even among your neighbors at home, there are many of your peers who would like to get your crust on the tower and tedious, boring work, and can’t.

4. Remember your long-term goals

Just because the current state of Affairs in a professional field is far from ideal, don’t let yourself give up and trash your dream. Use the situation to their advantage, extract the maximum benefit from what you have now. In the end, all that is done, all experience.

5. Don’t give up

Don’t stop looking for interesting work, and cease not to believe that one day you’ll find her. Evenings drinking beer and complaining about the bitter sudbinushku, you certainly can not realize their creative potential.

Scoring, even at the time, his main goal, you push it all further and further.

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