How to survive the crisis

crisis 2015Dude, we understand that the word «crisis» you’re sick. But there’s nothing you can do about it: though some are optimists and we are predicting an early exit from this state, no one knows exactly how long the crisis period. At least in 2015 you’ll often have to deal with its manifestations and, possibly, to analyze the consequences. If you’re already nervous, to buy household appliances and again to be nervous, it’s time to relax a little and seek the opinion of the publisher

1. You won’t lose your work

A typical reaction in times of crisis: «Your mother will fire me!» This is a natural fear, if you’re used to sit in the office and to reach a new level in the online game, while your colleagues to reach new heights professionally. So, the company will seek to narrow the staff, not to expand, that creates certain difficulties for job hunting graduates this year. But who said that the most productive workers will ask to write letters of resignation at own will? Moreover, you can safely claim a promotion or a raise. Why not? A good company appreciates its employees.

Startups that do not have access to the international market, will fall under the threat of premature termination. If you belong to the budding entrepreneurs, please generate a really interesting business ideas and to seek new ways of development.

For creative people, too, there are some important points: the connoisseurs of culture, and many in the country willing to «tighten their belts» and reduce some expenses. For example, entertainment. Thus, to lure people to the concert or exhibition will be even more difficult than before. The PR firm will rise, and you will need to constantly give the experienced viewer a new experience.

What if you still got fired? Dude, life does not end, but rather begins again. To change jobs, make new contacts and to acquire new skills is always useful. So, the older you get, the harder something is to open. But you can do it! Besides, it would be nice to learn how to save: prices are rising as food and clothing, equipment, spare parts for the car. But all this, of course, not a reason to give up, and motivation for decisive action. In whatever field you worked, the crisis is a direct hint that it was time not just to Wake your enthusiasm, but to monetize it.

Bad times often provide excellent opportunities.

Donald Trump

2. Family

The crisis in 1998, lived through you easily, because you probably were very young and did not really understand. In 2008 – studied or began their careers, so did not notice any economic change. But that’s exactly who distinctly remembers these events, so it’s your relatives. They know what happens when all savings are transformed into colored wrappers. In terms of lightning-quick spread of rumors about the fact that a new crisis will be harder, it’s easy to fall into depression. Therefore, you are privileged to stop the wave of unrest in his family.

To constantly monitor the situation carefully filtered the information, shares it with friends – all this and much more is now your task. You don’t want to because of uninformed family and friends have invested money in a questionable business or did not purchase mandatory? To be a man is not only to bring money into the house, it is also to be able to dispose of them.

If people were numbers, family would be the common denominator.

Matthew McConaughey

3. Entertainment / Hobbies

So, dude, prices have risen. Sometimes even 2 times, it is very noticeable. But that’s no reason to shout on every corner about how unfair life is. Perhaps the main victims in the first days of the year are your plans for a vacation abroad. If you travel on the Motherland you’re not interested, pay attention to countries that have not yet tightened the rules of entry. If you are so much in need of a change of scenery and good to think outside our country, maybe it’s time to go to independent travel?

Generally, the word «independence» to the crisis well: no one will forbid you yourself to monitor the state of the labor exchange, markets of goods and services. Another thing with this information then do. Prices in the favorite establishments of the city have become obscenely high? There is a reason to learn to cook for yourself, or encourage a friend. Going to the movies has become much more the norm? Set up a home theater. Can’t find a good shirt for a reasonable price? Sew myself. Okay, this is too much. But you understand the principle – there is an alternative. In any case, in the beginning of the year is to postpone serious shopping type cars and flats (sounds like a farewell for the day with TV horoscope, right?).

Chinese symbol for «crisis» consists of two characters: «danger» and «opportunity».

Robert McKee

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