How to survive tent complexity

manygoodtips.com_23.04.2014_9cPJm2zxAaJJ3To go beyond flat fun — unless your idea of fun includes Hiking in the nature, sleeping in a tent and food on a fire. Returning home, always feel a bit Robinson. However, nature is not only beautiful, but also treacherous. There you are waiting for complexity, and inogda and danger. Before traveling, you need to learn the basics of survival. Outside the city walls you can expect anything.

1. Insect bites

Bees, wasps and hornets is, of course, not bears, and not the Panthers. Both the size and the danger they lose to predators, but in some cases, their bites can result in death. In the case of bear you have a tangible benefit: you’ll notice how he approaches, while the insects quietly buzzing and sting in the most unpredictable moment. And suddenly you were allergic, didn’t you know? Anaphylactic shock is no joke. It is very dangerous. What to do if you were bitten? To prepare in advance. Don’t go to nature one, bring at least one person and «EpiPen» — a tool that saves from anaphylactic shock insect bites.

2. Attack of beasts

If you are in the lap of mother nature, you have to deal with its permanent inhabitants. This means that all the animals from small squirrels to large bears can get you on your way. Squirrels is not so bad, but bears, wolves, even the salvation — and those can become for you a source of serious problems. What to do? It all depends on what animal you met. The best way to scare him is to make noise and to respond to his aggression. Predators choose their submissive prey. But the she-bear protecting her cubs, will fight you to the last — in this case it is better to pretend to be dead. Seeing that you are not a threat, it will go further. With the large felines, this will not work — these cats have to beat. Even better to do it without hands, and stick. It will be a distraction.

3. A natural disaster

Nature dick and could bring down on you your power at any time. How to react on them, depends on the situation. If an earthquake occurs, come to an open space, stay away from the mountains, falling rocks and large trees. During a storm it is necessary to stand away from lone tall trees, and avoid hills. A hurricane or a flood? Get as high as possible, keeping away from falling trees, and squat. After heavy rain, beware of mudslides. In the case of a forest fire hurry to get out of the forest.

4. Wounds

No matter how the healing was not fresh air, still problems can not be avoided. Uneven terrain and hidden obstacles, not to mention ravines threatening injuries — including life threatening. How to help themselves? First aid trained first aid kit and knowledge on how to use it. Stocks of bandages, antiseptics and harnesses.

5. Stray from the path

This happens even with the best tourists. You go ahead without effort, walking the hills and glades, and then look back and realize that I have no idea how I got here. Everything looks monotonous, the night thickens, and you have lost your way. In this case you need to have a compass and map if possible. And always keep a water. Without food a person can live a month, but without water will die in three days.

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