How to survive shopping with your girlfriend

pair in the store

Good news: your life is the main woman. You have ceased to be interested in each other and strangers become partners and lovers. The bad news: more than shopping, she loves only one thing in the world to do it with you. And every time this process becomes for you a journey into the unknown: as a man, you little adapted to this stuff.

Shopping can be terrible: this is her territory and her rules. It can be long and unpredictable. It’s like that to watch your beloved team playing a match in a heavy rain. Shopping with your girlfriend is a direct attack to your testosterone. Spend hours wandering around the shops and waiting. And then your muscles will ache from tons of packages and shopping bags, which she managed to do for the entire day. And no matter how many times you’ve gone shopping with her is always torture.

Don’t despair, if it is approaching again. We’ll give you some tips on how to survive shopping with your girlfriend.

Know where black hole is.

A black hole is a giant, dead star that devours time and space – from there, nobody can escape. Think about what stores possess the similar effect in the case of your girlfriend. You already went with her, spent hours going through same passages, and that could not see the end. You already go shopping together, so take advantage of the acquired knowledge. Know where you should take a log of where you especially need a lot of patience. To survive shopping with your girlfriend, you have to learn to tolerate her habits.

Think that for her means shopping

For men shopping is just the shopping for new clothes. We go to the store, buy and go. However, it certainly is a shop or two that do something mean to her. Perhaps that’s where she relaxes or remembering something. Maybe this way she gets rid of stress. So shopping could be special for her occupation – just try to understand it and not react negatively. Think that if she’s taking you to your special place, it is worth something – even if you go there in addition to crowds of people.

Think of the change

The race to the food court, go to an unfamiliar store or even offer her to stay and watch a movie. Whatever it is, try it and you will be really easier to face the day. If you are having fun while shopping, it will cease to invest in the scheme, «she buys – are you waiting for» — both of you will be entertained. Break your usual routine – get some rest. If you both get pleasure from it, she won’t even perceive it as an attack to break away from the shopping rather your friend will appreciate your idea as quite a romantic.

Take player

Player, tablet – anything that you can entertain. While you wait outside the fitting room, you can play some games or just listen to music. But remember that you will have from time to time to escape from him and to communicate with a friend.

Think of it as spending time

Just think that this is another opportunity to become closer to each other, to communicate and to Express themselves. Even if you went shopping, talk to her, hold her hand, show that he is interested in her. If you go with her shopping, you walk into her world. You’ll even be able to see her more sexy than usual (for example, lingerie stores). Come in this world without fear and be open to everything new. Maybe you like it. Well, maybe…

Focus on it

You can meet a cute sales assistant, promoter, or just another girl who picks a Thong next to you – but don’t think to stare at them! The Mall is full of beautiful women, but remember that your woman is watching you. Keep yourself in check.

Be patient

Because it is more than just shopping, you may become bored and you lose patience. But remember: you don’t like to rush you – and it is too unpleasant. The more you show that you are interested in the more Mature and sexy look in her eyes. It’s cool.

Figure out what you will do after shopping

Let to you will be the light at the end of the tunnel. For example, a movie at seven in the evening or lunch in the restaurant – something has to stimulate you. Make sure this goal is like your friend, and she wouldn’t mind finish of your day.

Survival for those in the form

Shopping can scare you – but really it is not something to fear. Remember that this is something special. You will become closer to her. In the end, it’s the same game – prelude sometimes it turns out even more than buying.

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