How to survive probation

Everyone who gets in a large company, met with a very perverted form of career disgrace is on probation. They say that this is a formality, but it is not. During this time, one gets the attitude of the team to the newcomer, the employer assesses your abilities and decides to take you to work or kick, and you yourself evaluate the overall situation, because this may be the last of your career or only possible in the labour market. So you’ve got to try to get to the desired place.

1 Know your place


This is the first advice that should be understood in the first day: don’t take other people’s glasses, don’t take someone else’s table, do not show the claims of the operating mode. Think about what if your colleague took the time to glue the sticker on the glass, it means that it is important that none of this glass one more time. It is obvious that you should not take other people’s products with the «coffee corner» and do not infringe on someone else’s.

2 always Answer in time If you work in a large company some Manager, then your mailing address can receive hundreds of emails daily, from people of different kinds: customers, partners, and managers. Answer every do not have. Experienced managers understand that you can have lots of other work and you have no time even for work correspondence, but in the first weeks you should try to answer on time, because other part of the heads will definitely make a fuss if you don’t respond to them the same day.

3 Find your quiet corner

You will need anywhere from five to fifteen minutes to gather my thoughts and cope with stress. It is best to use some quiet place where you can carefully consider the situation. This may be the Smoking room, or a Cabinet that is rarely used — anything. As long as you’re able to relax, sit in the dark with my eyes closed and not think about work. 4 to Forgive and forget In the early days of your lunch can steal your delicious Burger to eat you, and coffee to take away as soon as you take five minutes. Forget about the offense, don’t make scandals — wait. It will take three months and you will track down the thief who drags you delicious things and then you take an unexpected rematch, but not now. Now, you need to be nice and pleasant to each team.

5 Participation in leisure


As a beginner, you have to show themselves loyal and faithful team. Perhaps in your office every Friday barbecues, but you had plans this evening. We think that you don’t have to fend off the team in favor of their personal Affairs in the event that if you really want the job. Most modern companies prefer to establish informal communication between their employees, so they feel the unity, the movement is in the same boat. In addition, various informal events bring together great you with colleagues who will put in a good word for your candidate.

6 don’t get cocky, but don’t shut up Smart leader needs dedicated and faithful workers, and the stupid leader to work at all is not necessary. So, even in the first month, you have to show your vision. If you think that a colleague is not right — tell him that. It is not necessary to agree with all decisions made by the leadership, but also to put a spoke in the wheels of the working machine is also not necessary.

7 See all

Remember the names of all their colleagues in the first week. You understand that nobody likes being called a different name, it is bad and cool beats of the ego. For example, you’re going to hate conventional counterpart, Leonid, if he will constantly call you by name. 8 don’t make assumptions If you saw the thin guy, who is unlikely to be 16 years of age, do not ask him to make coffee for you. Age as an indicator of status in the pecking order, says nothing. This clumsy guy can be two orders of magnitude above you on the career ladder — he can’t be Director of the whole company. Such cases.

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