How to survive infidelity and betrayal



In my life I had two close friends. I had a friend who talked to me for 15 years. I was the only in life the girl I loved until she began behind my back to meet my friend. I thought this is only possible in the movies. I experienced a terrible shock and terrible suffering. For the first time seriously thinking about suicide. Trying to move on, but every time I see them together, I am overcome by a wild rage and anger, it eats away at me inside. How can I leave behind and accept? What would you do in my place?


So, you, of course, is not to be envied. Believe it or not, such situations often happen. I wanted to answer your question and help you because that happened to me similar story. I imagine you’re in now sucks, and it is unlikely you will be happy with my advice, but I hope so.

Now for you, never give up! Smaller projected in the head of your sex, hugs and stuff. Yeah, everything was cool, she was an awesome girl, you had a great date, she is so cute stroking you, and do a great Blowjob. Yes, it was. But now it is not so. Now she is a different guy, no matter friend or stranger he is to you. This girl does not belong to you anymore.

Maybe you think she’s a bitch and a whore, that she is to blame, and your friend just happened. And if he leaves her, you will be able again to communicate. No, it shouldn’t be. They both betrayed you and they have no place in your life. Just cross out these people. Forget communicating with them, of course you can’t, but to refuse to even be from the memories is desirable.

Likely, you are to blame in this situation. How could you not notice that your girlfriend is not indifferent to thy friend? I told you I had something like that. I just noticed the time and not allowed to conduct an affair behind my back. Thus, I saved myself from a deep depression. Yes, I was hurt, but it could be worse.

Just each of us perceives the same situation differently. For example, I felt something warm and flirting with my girl when we are together with her and my friends sat at the bar. She as-that on-special talked with my friend that later and left. I was trying to talk about it, but she denies any attraction. I pretended I believed her, but when the situation is happening again, it became clear that the conversations and disassembly here will not help me. And why I need a man that I can’t be sure for hundred percent?

By the way, «friend» too did not sit on his ass. As it turned out, he was napisyval her social networks behind my back. I was just lucky that I did not take this girl seriously. I knew anyway, a couple of months we go our separate ways. I just didn’t expect such bases from one another. If you feel that a member is showing signs of life when dealing with a girl your friend, it is necessary to refuse to communicate with her, not to hurt another, and not to destroy the relationship. But this asshole made a different choice.

Maybe at first I grieved, but now I am very happy that life is so happened that fate took me from the people who could betray me at any moment. I think you should stop feeling sorry for yourself thoughts of suicide. That kind of nonsense? Because these traitors are you ready to give the most precious of life? Are you ready to hurt his family because of that whore? Dude, stop! Don’t even think about it let alone write about it.

You’re emotions. And when you give in to your emotions, you turn into a woman with illogical thinking. You need it? The strumming yourself! First and foremost, get rid of all his stuff, gifts, pictures and other things. Not necessarily (BUT preferably) to get it out, you can just hide away.

Don’t try to deal with them and find out «why it happened». Just turn away from them. They are for you now is insignificant. Just ignore them and continue to build their lives. Everyone says, «blah-Blah-blah, you’ll meet your favorite…» you are all nonsense, but it’s true. Tested for centuries. Keep your hands and write us if will again become worthless. We will try to support you.

«Rats must be destroyed, not start with them bickering». Ask your question wording

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