How to survive in the woods

manygoodtips.com_9.07.2014_UilVMP2zmvMtBThe other day we met with our old friend, the traveler. He is originally from Finland and came to Russia to explore the local wonders and landscapes. And he told us in broken Russian-Finnish about how lost in the woods and miraculously was saved and if not saved, then there would be this story.

Going to hitchhike, he was in one of the quieter towns, of which there are a great many in our country. Not finding anything interesting in the city, our friend decided to go in a more green and natural place. In General, he went into the forest, walked there for several hours until it was getting dark. When our hero realized that it’s time to go he discovered that runs past the same tree several times. It was obvious that he got lost and night will not have time to get out.

We will share with you tips that told us wandering friend, he himself has experienced it and survived in the woods, and now these tweaks will help you. While a lot of this we were all taught in childhood, but with the flood of new information sometimes old is removed from memory, so refresh will not be superfluous.

1. Keep calm

If you know that more than once you walk past the same Bush, then stop wandering and stop. No need to panic. Be a man and stay calm.

Try to restore the route. If you don’t have a compass, look to natural landmarks. For example, the lichen on the stone grows on the North side. Look at the trunk of the tree: on the South side of his bark is always whiter and cleaner than the North. Branch free-standing tree thicker and longer on the South side. Lichens and mosses grow on the North side of the trunk.

If you suffered in the forest in winter, then follow the same important rule: the South side is heated more by the sun, so the snow melts on South from wood and stone faster.

So try not to move and keep silence, it is likely that you will hear the noise of the train or cars from the highways.

2. Buildings suitable bed

It was already dark, and you have to postpone the search of the road to the city tomorrow. While there is still the ability to see attacks before furnishing your bed, for at least the next night. Try to find a place with dry soil. Find 2 long, branched at the end, get them in the ground at a distance of about 2 meters from each other. On top of the fork stood a strong stick, and it put the staves, they will hold the branches. Poles are attached to the stick with soft branches or rope if you have it. The poles put branches with dense foliage, this will save you from rain and wind.

3.Build a bonfire

After you have arranged a place to sleep attacks to the campfire. The fire is not only a great way to keep warm, but also an opportunity to signal. The flames can be seen from a distance, and this is a chance for salvation. We have already talked about different ways of fire making without matches. Read them, this information will be useful to everyone.

4. Get water

To stay alive you have to have water, here are a couple of ways of its production in the forest: take that shirt off and wrapped it into a tree. Fallen dew will be absorbed into the fabric. Then you can squeeze water out of t-shirts and drink it; dig a small hole, and its bottom tightly cover the leaves or polyethylene. If you’re lucky and it rains, then you can enjoy going to the liquid.

After you managed to get water, it is desirable to disinfect before use, this fluid must boil.

5. Who can eat in the woods

Don’t forget that in the summer the woods are full of berries, but there’s no need to eat anything, fruits can be poisonous. Be careful with bright and strong-smelling plants. The easiest way to know whether the poisonous berry is the observation. You’re probably aware that animals and birds will not eat poisonous berries. Watch what will eat the bird, eat the same as her. By the way the bird itself is also a good option for snacks, if it is absolutely pripeklo. Moreover, you already know how to make a fire.

6. You know for the future

The most important advice! If you’re going into the woods, take the Essentials: backpack, sleeping bag, mug, spoon, bowl, knife, pot, matches, first aid kit, flashlight, rope, compass, means of personal hygiene. Remember that the forest is a location different biting creatures, such as mosquitoes and ticks. Pay attention to it, take protection from them: spray lesion, spiral. choose comfortable and sporty clothes and shoes. Bring a warm blanket, even if you go into the woods in the summer, the night is still cool.

And take a couple of balls, they’ll need it if you are lost in a dark forest from which to expect anything.

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