How to survive in the wild

how to survive in the wild

From time to time we tell you, dude, on a variety of useful skills: how to jump out of the car on the go, how to survive a plane crash how to land the plane, and the like. Remember the movie «Into the wild», where a man survived in the woods? I have always admired this story and I always asked myself how long I would be able to survive in such hands. Today we will tell you how to survive in the woods.

1. Take inventory

As soon as you have discovered yourself visiting wildlife, hurry to make an inventory of their property. All that you have, you might need to survive. You can prove to yourself just what you’re wearing, and you have to survive somehow. For example, the laces may be useful to make a bow, and tucked in his pocket a piece of paper will help you to start a fire without matches. Use all that you have.

2. Right attitude

To maintain a positive attitude when life forces you to learn to survive, perhaps more difficult and at the same time the most important thing. Studies have shown that when people are positive, they’re able to be creative, more flexible and open to new information. Moreover, positive people recover faster from illnesses and injuries than those who are forever whining. These two traits — creativity and physical resilience is needed to survive.

When you were alone in the wild with a small amount of food or entirely without it, it is easy to get depressed and start feeling sorry for yourself. However, this will not help. Nothing will change if you sit on a stump and be sad.

It was the case in one of the texts we discussed the locus of control inherent in sustainable people. They are masters of their own destiny and well able to cope with stress. People with external locus of control prefer to curl up in a ball and cry big crocodile tears about how they were unlucky. Who you want to be? One more chance for survival?

You have to stay positive, even if you get lost in the woods. We should not fool ourselves, pretending that everything is better than it really is. First, you’ll only be disappointed when you feel that it is not. Secondly, you just have to be realistic: you won’t relax for no apparent reason. You always need to make plans and work, because you’re actually in the hole. In short, hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

Learn to stop and think

It so happens that the lost in the woods people are doing the right thing totally intuitive, even without having any idea that it is written in the instructions for survival. How? They stop, think, observe and plan. Trying to build a fire and wonder why nothing happens? Stop and think about what you need for this venture. Look, whether enough oxygen, and make a plan what to do. Here the main thing — to keep himself from panicking. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to do nothing and just think. It will save you a lot of effort.

Small errors mean a lot

In the wild, small mistakes can and does kill. If you break a leg in the city, you just go to the emergency room, you will put casts, and in a month everything goes. Uncomfortable, of course, but tolerable. Now imagine that you broke your leg in a forest — and you immediately grows a lot of problems. You will not be able to walk, and hence will not be able to hunt. If you can’t hunt, you don’t eat. What’s next? You’re going to die. All because of a stupid broken leg.

It is clear that to avoid mistakes completely you do not succeed, but reduce their number to a minimum. So stop and think, this is useful. Remember where you are. You never know where you’ll get an angry bear.

Save a good tool

You can survive, even with the axe. It will help you to make fire that will provide you the warmth and protection during the night, it can be used to make spears and arrows to hunt. So the ax is too heavy, and any sharp instrument come in handy. In the right hands even a tiny tool will bring many benefits.

Learn how to find water

People often underestimate the importance of water for survival. Your body is still functioning, even if you’re within a week will have nothing to eat. But without water you are guaranteed death in a few days. It is easy to find. It is everywhere (if you’re not in the desert). The problem is to find clean water. In the forests can meet streams and tiny lakes, but it is only a matter of luck. You can just boil any water before drinking it will kill all harmful bacteria. This method of course requires you to have a vessel. If not, there are different ways of water purification: precipitation to collect or to do a suspension, separating water from light and heavy particles. It is even possible to make a filter with the help of improvised means, for example, a t-shirt.

Safe shelter

Once you find water, the next priority is to find a safe shelter. It is necessary to enjoy all the benefits of the environment you environment. The slope of the cliff is a great place. If there is nothing similar, even in the course of the branches, leaves, and fallen trees.


She will be your main concern. You’ll spend the whole day in search of food. Be careful with a variety of berries: they are easy to poison, although in the forest there are many friends berries: raspberries, blueberries and stuff like that. However on berries does not go far. The body needs protein to maintain strength. Pay attention to bird’s nest: there may be eggs, and eggs are known source of protein. Not very tasty raw, but nutritious. If you have sharp tool, you can make a spear and try to catch fish. You can even for fun to see with edible plants, berries and roots that grow in your region.

How to make a fire without matches

Fire — source of heat, light, protection from animals and insects, and a rescue signal. In addition, the fire very well stimulate the psyche, it’s almost like a friend. When you’re lost in the woods, do not particularly rely on matches. Even if you have it, the wind and the rain will make them useless. Why does everyone have to know how to make fire without matches. We have as many as nine ways, suitable for different situations. In addition to this, also nice to know about the different types of fires.

Prepare signal

In the woods to survive is most important. The second highest priority is to get out of there and return to a safe environment. Fire is a great rescue signal. The mirror is also well suited for this purpose. You can put stones big letters SOS on the ground so they are easy to see from above. They should be about three feet tall, so the pilots could see.

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