How to survive in the heat

For the sake summer sun is merciless. However, the easiest way to survive hot summers — not to get out from under the air conditioner is a luxury that not everyone can afford. Work chase us in the hot hell of the concrete jungle. We will tell you how to complete this quest with minimal losses to their health.

1. Pick a route and time

In hot summer, absolutely no harm will go to the trouble of developing their own route around the city. Try to choose the most shady streets, places with lots of shops and air-conditioned rooms of where to go to cool down if they become unbearable. And, of course, remember: the worst heat is between 11 and 16 hours a day. At this time it is not necessary to leave the premises unless absolutely necessary.

2. Choose clothes

An extremely important point for summer walks is the choice of suitable clothing. Better from heat stroke you will save loose clothes of light shades made of natural fabrics. And don’t forget about a hat and sunglasses.

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3. Drink

To drink in the heat need a lot (more than 2 liters per day), often and correctly. Since then along with our body leaves not only life-giving moisture, and a number of useful salts, to replenish stocks of both. It is best to quench your thirst in Sunny August day suitable mineral water containing potassium, calcium and magnesia.

Good thirst quencher plain drinking water and green or white tea. But, please, do not confuse real tea with bottled lipchanami. They are so full of sugar, preservatives and dyes that quench your thirst, this drink fits no better with coke.

Speaking of Coca-Cola. Drinks containing sugar, caffeine or alcohol in the heat should be categorically excluded. They only increase your thirst.

4. Carry water with you

And again on the water. The presence of a bottle of cold water in your backpack will not only provide you the necessary volume of fluid within the body, but also allows to cool the body

outside. In our body there are several points — the inside of the elbows and knees, wrists, temples, neck, head, ears, through which the body cools itself. Try to moisten with water or put a cold bottle to the ears, for example. You will immediately feel the coolness spreading throughout the body.

5. Take a warm shower

Returning home from the scorching street, you most likely will want to substitute back under the cold stream of water. But don’t rush to twist the cold tap to maximum. Even a cool shower after a long walk in the sun will be a real temperature shock to your body. After thus, you risk to come down with a terrible headache and nausea. A cold shower will only worsen the effects of sun exposure. Best of all, for the normalization of well-being fit you usual shower temperature.

6. Be attentive to food

If you do not try to completely eliminate or at least reduce the amount of food you fatty, fried meats, and starchy foods and sweets. From this «heavy» energy you’re getting warmer. Switch to fruits and vegetables. They contain a lot of water and useful minerals, which you need now.

In addition, the summer should be especially careful to check the expiry date of all products. Spoilt food can come back to haunt you by gastric lavage.

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