How to survive in the African desert

Let’s not argue, dude, Africa is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Another would be: rainforests, savannas and deserts of cosmic form she delights travelers with its grandeur, its cruel and harsh beauty. And after all, throughout history people somehow managed to survive in the harsh African environment. Someone could get used to this (the same people live in Africa!), and someone had to sweat to save his life.

There are many ways to be in the middle of a dangerous and unpredictable African continent alone, and even if you did, congratulations: you’re in danger. If you are not ready to such turn of events, it is likely to die. You’ll need to do a lot of things: call for help, to kindle a fire and get water. If you get on with them – you’re in luck.

These three things are not so easy to do as you might think. Sometimes you have to be very resilient and believe me, this column can help you in this unusual case. You never know what can happen in your life. The things you will read, will seem strange to you, but it works! Tested on humans.

To build a fire using a cell phone

to build a fire with a mobile phone

If you’re lost somewhere in the wilderness, the question may arise, how to build a fire. Despite the fact that in Africa almost all the fuel is dry, there is another problem: how it to find in the desert? But the mobile phone in our days carries a even any pensioner. So we set on fire!

If your cell phone died, broke or got wet, you obviously can’t use it to call for help. Besides, dude, you need to survive – there can be no question about to feel sorry for a soulless piece of plastic! The more that set it on fire, perhaps the only way to get mobile phones at least some benefit. Generally, in order to use any staff around him to fire, but the phone is one of the last things that come to mind.

If you’re injured or you just urgently needed the fire, the mobile phone is perfect in these cases. It burns in any place and at any time. It’s very simple: use the battery. Open it with a knife and her insides begin to heat up upon contact with air. When you’re separated from the battery part of the cover, just stick the knife and begin the chemical reaction. Materials will light up upon contact with air when you pull the blade. Now be careful because of the battery, among other things, and can explode. And another thing: stay in the windward side, the smoke is very harmful. Dude this video will explain everything to you.

Elephant dung

elephant dung

I’ll be honest: Africa is not always so rosy Wonderland. Survival here alone or with a group can be quite a hard task. But everywhere you like in the quest, waiting for various items, using which you can make your life easier. For example, elephant dung.

For example, if you throw him into the fire, it will smolder for a long time in the future will help to breed a new fire. Its smoke also repels African insects, which carry various terrible disease, which in Africa are countless. Sometimes from elephant manure you can even get drinking water. Not the most pleasant way, of course, but Hello, it is better to drink something than to die of thirst!

I even heard that some African tribes moisturize the skin with the help of manure. Don’t know if that’s true, but that doesn’t sound particularly nice.

Use the remains of animals

the remains tvarin

Not gonna lie, dude, it’s not my most favorite item in the list. But, merciful God, he is so helpful! If you find the carcass of a lion or Buffalo in Africa, you will be able to use his discovery in various ways. First, if the death occurred recently, you’ll be able to eat. Of course, there is a possibility that you will drive away any other animal. In addition, you can use the bones, skin and fur as tools for something.

This is especially useful as a weapon for the manufacture of traps. In addition, if the animal is large enough, I heard that people even slept inside these carcasses to keep warm in the night, when I couldn’t build a fire. Of course it’s not perfect overnight, but it is in any case better than to die from the cold. In General, this is useful stuff, not cool.

Use tampons

how to use tampons

Hmm, imagine, man, how you read this and think, «Well, how does that help me?» Yes, I understand that it sounds strange, but you first finish, I’m talking to.

Many women stock up on this good when going on a journey. So if you and a friend went to Africa, it is likely that the tampons will be somewhere in her Luggage. However, if you go without a friend, you can hardly fit this way to save his own ass.

So, what do you do with them? Well, for example, transferring liquid. As you know, they have good absorbency, so that the swabs can move small amounts of liquid from one place to another, but it’s still not the best way to apply them. In addition, with their help, you can still start a fire.

By the way, Yes, tampons are good to ignite, because it is made of fabric fibers. For example, you can carve a spark with the friction of the knife on the stone and use a tampon as tinder. In General, it is a useful thing in the economy.

African soldiers ants


These guys are dangerous! African soldiers ants is no joke. If they sting you it will hurt for a week. But sometimes you these bites are even on hand. What? you can ask. And here is why. If your body suddenly had an open wound there is a chance to contaminate the infection. And these guys wound kind of pojasu.

How does it work? So, take the goose, and put on the wound. He bites you in a special place. Then you most barbaric way off body ass from his head, and she quietly remains hanging on the wound. Jaw ants soldiers so much bite into the skin, these heads will hang on you for quite some time, namely until you overcome them. So you’ll be able to drive through Africa with a more or less sewn up the wounds and not be afraid that it will catch fire. Just keep in mind: these guys stink.

Cola nuts

Cola nuts

This is my favorite item in the list, because you can find it all over Africa, especially in its Western part. These nuts contain a lot of caffeine, we can say that he is their main ingredient. Cola nuts will save you from sore throat and bronchitis, not sick in an extreme situation – already half of success.

Cola nuts will also help to relieve the pain of hunger, which can be unbearable. If you find these nuts, they will save you when you’re going to be on the verge of life and death. At least psychologically you’ll definitely feel better. Always remember that the head kills faster body. Any psychological help will help you survive longer.

The baobab or «tree of life»


The baobab is like a garden of Eden for guys who are trying to survive. This tree can provide you with all the necessities of life: water, fuel, food and even serve as a shelter. The feature is in the fact that all these nishtyaki it produces continually, that is, over the long term.

The African tribes call the baobab «tree of life» because it provides a person with everything necessary for existence, and also because to meet him is a great luck. In Africa not too many baobabs, and if you hit one of them, then someone upstairs is guaranteed to love you. All you need to do is to stay nearby baobab and wait until someone passes by.

The Buchu plant

Roslyn Buchu

The Buchu plant is a remarkable thing, which is common in South Africa. However, rumor has it that he was seen in other parts of the continent. Its main function is very useful: it helps the digestive system diseases and gastroenterological similar pieces, which in General, is very useful in the wild: you never know what garbage you eat.

Tea of Buchu plants are very useful. It is, of course, it will be strange smelling, and even someone like. By the way, is an excellent laxative.

The plant of caralluma

Roslyn of caralluma

This is another pet African tribes. Growing across the continent and even found in Asia. The coolest thing is that it helps almost everything from inflammation, headaches, joint pain, fevers, paralysis, malaria, diabetes and even leprosy!

And so if your stomach reduces hunger, caralluma to help you. Because of this, it is good. So it would be cool to find her she can really save you from death.



Geranium growing around the world. Maybe you have on the window, too, have a pot of geraniums. However, what do you know about her? Geranium grows in South Africa but, like many other plants, and from there it spread to other parts of the continent. So what?

Well, its main function is to help the common cold. And sore throat. And diarrhea. And if you have a few days going to use it, can be saved from infection exactly. Even if it’s a deadly infection, it is likely that geranium could save you. Cool?

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