How to survive in a street fight


Suppose this situation: you’re hanging out with your friends or girlfriend on the street is beautiful weather, when suddenly a stranger ass pushed you for no good reason, but it doesn’t matter.

There is a special breed of men (Yes, breed) that are in a state of alcoholic intoxication start a fight with random people. Most often, this breed of men do not go alone, so meeting them is highly undesirable, because in their company can be, and the men with strong arms, able at one stroke to fill up anyone.

What can you do to prepare for a street fight and defend yourself in such a situation? Suggest you 8 simple steps that will help you after a fight not to be in the emergency room.

1.Wake up!

When someone threatens you, you have to set your attention on this person, all your thoughts should be about this situation. Look at the people who surround you, observe their behavior. Think about who you are surrounded by things that can serve as a weapon. If you are in the minority, be sure to think about an escape route.

2.Try to defuse the situation.

Try to talk to the guy and calm him down. If you looked somehow wrong on him. For example, with a sneer, and it really touched him to apologize. Even if you’re not looking askance at him, but he seemed so – still ask forgiveness. Don’t let your ego come out in this situation. You at this point, it is necessary to avoid a fight. You must speak confidently enough to not show him that you’re afraid of him.


If you talk to him does not work, look for an escape route. Need to go back to the place where no one. You need to walk at a slow pace, but sure. Be careful and never turn your back on a donkey – you cannot know what is in his mind, and he may in the rat be and attack from behind.

4.Stand in a fighting pose.

If you don’t work, and nowhere to go, stand in a fighting stance . Spread the legs shoulder-length apart and slightly bend your knees – this will allow you to keep your balance. Hands hide your face and teeth squeezing because a strong blow to an open mouth can break your jaw.

5.Defend yourself.

Your goal is to protect themselves from violence and unwarranted aggression. So forget the rules and let yourself to fight «dirty». If you found a item as a weapon – use it. It can be anything: a chair, a bottle (extra points to those who manage to break the bottle and a sharp point to strike the attacker is much harder than hitting an undamaged bottle). But what if no weapons? Below brought for you a few tricks that should help you in such critical situation.

  • A knee to the groin. I don’t need to explain why it is so effective.
  • Low kicks to the abdomen, groin or tribes. To win yourself a time to go can be very hard to hit the attacker in the area below the knee on his leg. It is capable of disabling an attacker, and you will have time to escape.
  • A headbutt to the face. This will cause him incredible pain, the enemy can not really argue that too will give you time to get away.

6.Effectively take the heat.

Of course, you are protected, but you can’t avoid all hits, so try to make them less painful. You should try to absorb the shock to reduce its impact and following damage to a minimum.

  • A kick in the head. If it hits you in the head, try to move in the direction of the blow, clenching his jaw and strained muscles. He is not hard to miss, so be flexible and incredibly attentive to every move of a bully.
  • A kick to the body. Strained stomach muscles and try to turn so that he caught oblique muscles of the abdomen. It’s better than a direct hit to the stomach or other vital organs.

7.Make noise during the fight.

Protecting yourself, try to provide a fight as a great noise. First, the endless cries can distract and intimidate an attacker and allow you to give him a few punches and leave. Secondly, it will help to attract attention. The more people will gather around a fight, the better – it may scare off the attacker guy.

8.Make your escape!

As soon as you hurt the attacker, reduce the ability to move – run away from a fight as soon as possible!

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