How to survive if you’re attacked by a shark


I understand, man, in our latitudes, and sharks are no smells, but you never know, suddenly you end up on the ocean. Anyway, not this year — so-ever: you never know when this creature will attack you.

But sharks are scary. Remember the movie «Jaws»? Ever since I saw it for the first time, I really afraid of sharks. Of course, I understand that they don’t hang out at the shore, waiting for some hapless swimmer would enter the water, but still on the coast need to be careful. And in General, sharks rarely attack people, and this fear is largely irrational. Every year humans kill more sharks than sharks have killed in history. For example, in 2000, there were only 79 attacks.

Where there are shark attacks on people?

Most shark attacks on people occur in the United States, the most dangerous States: Florida, Hawaii, California, South and North Carolina. If you are going to swim somewhere out there (a little?) be careful. And sharks attack people in Australia and South Africa.

Let’s say you were somewhere out there on the beach. Which places should I avoid? Usually sharks looking for their food in places with steep cliffs, or between shoals. If you swim in such locations, it is possible to meet a hungry shark and feed it, of course, his carcass. So in such areas it is better not to appear.

What kind of sharks attack humans?

On Earth live as many as 360 species of sharks, of which the person attacked only 20 out of those twenty, only four have caused people serious injuries and injuries that have caused deaths. You must know your enemy, so here’s some portraits of sharks, hungry chelovechinki.

1. White shark

white shark

Thanks to the film Jaws, the great white shark became the most famous of all sharks are man-eaters. They live near the coast, and this is the biggest fish on the planet. The devil reaches a length of 6.4 meters and weight more than two tons! And her face is the characteristic of conical shape.





Tiger shark

tigrova shark

Tiger sharks live close to shore in tropical and subtropical waters. Young tiger sharks are covered with spots and stripes, so they tiger. This is a real killing machine. Their jaws are designed to bite into the meat and bones. And yet they are very sensitive, and therefore unable to hunt even in complete darkness.


Bull sharks


Bull sharks love warm water along the coast. And yet, unlike other members of this list, it can swim in fresh water, so from time to time swims in the river. Consequently, they are more likely to attack you.

Have a bull shark grey back and white belly. They stall, just like the bulls.




The oceanic whitetip shark

dougalie shark

These assholes have attacked more people than all other sharks combined. The oceanic whitetip shark spends most of its life at depth, but goes into shallow water. Usually these guys meet divers and those who are not lucky enough to be on a sinking ship.





How sharks attack people

There are two types of shark attacks on humans: provoked and unprovoked. Provoked attacks occur when a person first touches the shark. This usually happens when any diver is an idiot decides to pull the shark’s tail to show how brave he is. If you’re dumb enough, anything more and wait. I’m sorry.

Unprovoked attacks happen when the dude just cuts on his surfboard, and then swims a shark biting his leg and pulls it under the water. Why do sharks do this? Because the surf is not like the food. People in General are not a very good option shark lunch because they are not fatty, and the fat need the shark to maintain a body in shape. Perhaps the shark just wants to understand what the hell it flickers. Usually, animals look or smell, but the shark is much simpler: once bitten. Here are the types of unprovoked attacks.

Shark attack and swims. This type of attack is most common, especially in the area of surfing, full easy a goal. Usually the victim doesn’t suspect anything before will not feel a shark jaw on his leg. After a shark bites a human, it floats and never comes back.

Why do sharks do this? Because we can. Maybe they just interesting. They tasted, they didn’t like — they went. Your best chance to survive if not touched the vital organs and you immediately get medical assistance.

Hit + bite. Here, the victim often sees the shark before an attack will happen. Shark identificeret person as a potential victim and hits it with his face. Well, to make it clear what’s what.

After a person is frightened, the shark has bitten him. Several times. There is already potential for serious injury and death. Usually it happens at depth, but sometimes near the shore.

The sudden attack. Such attacks like the first kind: the victim usually does not see the shark. The shark sneaks up to the man, bites, sails and returns. And so a few times. Usually people die.

How to prevent shark attacks

The doctors say that the best operation is the one that did not. The best way to survive is to prevent the attack.

Don’t go in the water if sharks have been seen, and then get out of the water if it saw a shark. Often on the beaches even put special announcements, and fools ignore them. You’re not a fool, friend.

Do not swim alone. Usually attack individuals.

Do not swim far from the shore. Of course, the sharks swim to shore, but you have still more chance to escape.

Do not swim in the dark and at dusk. This time, the highest activity of sharks.

Don’t go in the water if you’re bleeding. Usually it says shark, «I’m here, eat me!» Sharks have very well developed sense of smell. They will come to you faster than you think.

Not ssy in water. We’ve all done it. Because we are too lazy to get out of the water and go to the toilet, because it sounds kinda nice. But it is better to abstain. The smell will attract sharks.

Do not wear bright clothes and shiny jewelry. This is more advice for friends. Sharks, like crows react to shiny. All that contrasts with the water, attracts them.

What if you’re attacked by a shark

the Lord could

1. Reduce the angle of attack: if you saw a shark, up close to the stone or something else that is nearby. So you will reduce by half the angle of a possible attack, otherwise a shark will be 360 degrees.

2. Hit him where it hurts. You have to beat the eyes, gills and nose (although it is slightly less sensitive). And if you aim for the nose, there is a risk that will bite you.

3. Arm. Use: stones, sticks, camera etc. Divers are supposed to carry a stick. When the shark swims closer, feel free to hit him on sensitive areas.

4. Move quickly and often. Bay quickly and many times. It desorientiert shark.

5. Don’t give up. Bay sharks eyes and gills until it runs out or until you die. Chances are, she’ll understand that you won’t get anywhere.

6. Immediately get out of the water and ask for help. This asshole is gone and you are still alive — but probably in bad shape. It is not necessary to lie down on the sand and heroically to bleed, urgent help!

7. Make this a suitable bike. Here extra words. You’re a hero!

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