How to survive homecoming

manygoodtips.com_11.09.2014_iWfjQ5xl6EmBLIf you’re my lucky day to go to study somewhere abroad, or, in some amazing city, you will soon encounter the fact that you have to go back home. You ugaral over the people who told me that after return they felt bad, everything here is so gray and boring, and there are incredibly beautiful. Well, now you’re stood in their place.

Ah, but there, a cool uni, cool architecture and kind people. And then you got into the bus and heard the driver of the tiles someone mate. Do not think that we are not against Russia. That’s just how people describe their return home. Haven’t you noticed their unbelief?

So, if you decided to return home, you should know what you will face:

1. Shock

This is the first step. You sit on the plane and realize that you’re flying from this city/country. You expect your home and family. It is difficult to return to the place where you have not been. Now everything is different. But if nothing has changed, then you will be even worse. You walk down the street to his house and think, «Oh, and here’s where I went when I was five years old…».

You will be overwhelmed with a mixed feeling of nostalgia, of homesickness and desire to return from whence you came. You’ll be thinking about how cool the city in which you live. While studying and you’ll feel like a bitch. After all, you came home and should be happy but somehow not happy at all…

2. Depression

Yes, now you will not envy. You were so close to the dream, or rather that you lived in her dreams, she was in your hands. And now circumstances are such that you need to say goodbye to her. Unfortunately. You will need to join just like when you breakup with a girl, well if she dumps you, let him go.

In the end you finally get to see parents, relatives and friends. They certainly set up for you holiday table and waiting for your return.

3. The stage of «I want to die»

You very much that you want to go back. It is very noticeable. try to keep yourself in hands. Close people of course will try to support you, but knowing your psychosis, I can say that for a long time is not enough.

All you do not like and hometown has now become disgusting, and memories of childhood you just killed. Well. We wish you not to die, what else to say.

4. You need a replacement

So, it is not so natural, but you have no way out. It’s the same as having sex with teen girl for several years, and when she left you can start to FAP in the shower… not quite the feeling, isn’t it? Here and here is the same, but it’s a little help.

You might have to spend a lot of time to find the equivalent, but do not despair. You still do not understand about what kind of replacement are we talking about? Well, see, for example, if you lived in the cherry garden, where you breathed the fumes migratory birds, you need to find a proper pub, serving excellent draught cherry beer. Is that understood? There you go, man.

5. The decision

Let’s finally put these snot. Pull yourself together! If you’ve tried a lot of methods and even the good mug of beer didn’t help, then it’s time to solve it fundamentally. Apparently you will not be able to settle down in their homeland and most likely you need to cut back.

At least you’ll have a great motivation. Set a goal: «to earn money to go back overseas.» Now you have incentive. You’ll work with joy, and cherish the dreams of a possible future.

We know you’re shitty and hard to survive this period. But you see, it only gets better. After all, you’re still young and full of energy. So don’t sit on your ass and do something for your life.

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