How to survive hard times

manygoodtips.com_23.05.2014_aXFTtEUg592tREveryone in life changes. First, it seems to us that one day this will come to an end, but actually life is eternal change, an endless upgrade process. There is even a Chinese proverb: «Nothing ends, but everything changes.» So people go ahead.

These tips for anyone going through a series of endless changes and does not know how to cope with it. We all have a lot to learn.

1.Spend only 20% of the time, doing wrong, and 80% spend on the right things

To complain easily. If you spend 80% of the time, doing what is right, and 20% of the time wasting, then what? Easier to balance life in such a way than to answer the question: «so what do we do now?» when you deliberately wrong in 50% of cases, hoping to chance, luck, the grace of God and a curve that is already tired out.

2.At least one thing in this mess you’re doing it right

You can curse your life how you want and complain until you get bored, but even if your days immersed in utter chaos, you’re still doing the right thing at least one thing. Do you even read our advice, you see? The steps are done one after the other.

3.If everything tried fails, find a new way

Let’s say you’re stuck, stalled and don’t know where to go and what to do. You repeat the same thing over and over again? So force yourself to do something different! A new action definitely will give a new result, and small changes result in one big.

4.Today is a new day

We have all had the opportunity to verify this from their own experience: the past is irrelevant to the future. The future can be better! Unless you ruin it with his own hands. You need to realize that the past cannot be changed. Focus on that, or you’ll miss your chance. Leave the past in the past and you make plans for the future.

5.Understand what you want

Really, why? The future is a blank slate. If you can see him, to hear, to feel, so all you can do it!

6.Problems will always be

And no one to avoid them. There will be a tiny problem, and will be the size of an elephant. If you think you’re always frustrated, disappointed and disappointing, it only says that you don’t notice the bright moments. It is physically impossible to be immersed in depression every second.

7.Do not have to understand the cause of the problem to solve it

The vast majority of people believe that to solve the problem, you need to get to the roots of it and then eliminate it. «If I’d known what led to this… if I could change that…» unfortunately (or fortunately), this belief is no grain of truth. Double trouble waiting for the one who seeks to make sense of everything. Understanding does not always serves as the impetus for change. There will always be new moments, new nuances. Life is not a book.

You have enough power to control at least himself. It turns out that everything is fine.

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