How to survive during the new year corporate party

manygoodtips.com_17.12.2014_Cwv5JicS59WfgHow many are left before the New Year? Most likely, this week you will have the holiday party, maybe you’re organized. But do not rush to relax the bread, because one awkward movement – and you’ll be remembered not as the organizer of megasecurity, but as a jerk who was trying to raise in the office of the fire and act out the fairy tale «12 months».

1. A decent appearance

There is nothing wrong to pick up for this evening a great outfit, formal or business casual may be specially bought for this holiday Orgy. But if you decided to catch up for the year and to demonstrate their originality, try to do another, more acceptable way. Refrain from trendy bows in the style of «tear-eye», from lurex or sequins. Leave it the beautiful half of the workforce.

2. Don’t get drunk in half an hour

But if this happened, sit in a quiet area at least until 9 PM. Give other people the chance to try to catch up with you, to be able to communicate in one language with you.

3. Don’t bring the vodka

If your office decided to celebrate a corporate event in some small way, during the lunch break at a plastic Cup of wine with the permission of the authorities, do not offer the colleagues to roll on the hundreds, because you something else to work until the evening. On the other hand, if your colleagues makes a feast for the whole world in a posh restaurant with Baskov on the undercard, you and your Metropolitan bought in passage to the subway, is also unlikely someone will please.

4. Don’t bring a friend

We are sure that you have it’s cute and all, and you really want to show off their long relationship so successful are not built by hand, but unless otherwise stated, leave his better half, see you at home. For her, it will also be a better option than the whole night not knowing what to do with myself in the company of strangers and what to say to them until you communicate with their fellow mates.

5. Do not dance alone

Don’t do the hokey-Yet flip-style «Gazmanov. Better» moonwalk Jackson, even (especially) if you believe this you have no equal.

6. Don’t say something you might regret

If you think New years eve is a perfect time to tell the boss or colleagues what you think of them, thus leaving the innuendo in 2014, it is likely now for you the alcohol talking. Stop that thought in the Bud. Drink, chew, but shut up.

7. No firecrackers indoors

We don’t doubt your capacity. Just reminding about the basic rules of fire safety.

8. Don’t sit on the lap of Santa Claus

Do I need to comment on this? First, you crush the internal organs of the poor invited the actor, and secondly, strangled him fumes (after all, who of sober climb on his knees to the costumed man), telling stupid rhymes.

9. Don’t skip work the next day

Of course, if the celebration on 31 August and not a day off. I don’t think your boss will buy the «flu» after he had witnessed your dancing to the songs Vaenga.

Well, that seems clear. Now think about how you can enjoy the holiday and not spoil it to themselves or others you colleagues. Trust me, the fun is possible without placing a fool of yourself.

10. Drink and eat in moderation (with plenty of water)

Don’t mix beer with vodka, tequila, champagne, whisky and wine. Between doses of alcohol try to drink plain water: you will save yourself from dehydration and a severe hangover in the morning. And do not try to feed an empty stomach with alcohol.

11. Communicate

Now is a good time to build bridges with those with whom communication is for some reason not specified. But, as we have already agreed, do it before you start drinking.

12. Dance group

Dancing in a group of people is the safest way to free to dance at the party. It’s like wearing camouflage in the woods while hunting. No one will be able to note that you dance like an epileptic seizure, after all, dance is about the same.

In all areas of our lives there’s a fine line between the good, the bad and the ugly. The hardest part of staying at a gala celebration, keep the balance between fun and cool. But if you do it right, you’ll be able to make use of both advantages. If you do it wrong, you will forever be remembered as the guy who swung in on a chandelier with a tie knotted around his head.

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