How to survive at uni

Work.kom.ua_5.09.2014_YU4hFkKYxSb31Congratulations, you passed this dull and long way. When you went to University, you probably immediately realize that nothing tried in school, because your grades in the certificate of admission in the University, nobody cared. If still not realized, and upon reading the previous sentence you have fire in the ass, then welcome to the real world.

It’s how things are now for you nobody cares, well, except your mother, of course. You’re almost an adult, but you probably wonder why you so many years slaving away in school? Perhaps then you asked what I studied at uni? Okay, now not about it. You’ve got to not your environment and most importantly, that you care about: «How to survive and how to do it right?». Of course, we have prepared for you some suitable items that most likely you will have to perform:

1. Don’t take yourself too seriously

Damn, dude, you just got out of fucking school. You still are a youngster, do not take on too much. This uni may be the best years of your life. Why just become botanize, which will despise and push you around? If you’re not going to be a doctor, a lawyer or a really good scientist, then grades don’t really matter.

Don’t take it so seriously, your self-esteem should not depend on the evaluations in the record book. During the interview you will not be asked what grades you studied at uni and school, it is important to know about the presence of some of the diploma (and then not everywhere) and how do you know how to do their job.

2. Don’t forget the condoms

Yes, it’s not super-convenient, but it’s not even negotiable. You should always have condoms with you even if you took out the trash. You’ll have plenty of time to catch enough of the unprotected sex, but it certainly can’t happen right now.

Can tie some rubber bands around his neck, you have to be sure that they are always with you. You have no idea how expensive an abortion costs, and child support will cost you even more. For a scholarship you will not be able to feed the family.

3. You need a hobby

You will have enough free time. The University is not eternal session with sleepless nights. You will need to occupy yourself with something. Think of some hobby which will help you to distract from studying for a while. Just think of funny things are you going to have all the free time. And it doesn’t have to be sex and drugs.

Endorphins are released in larger quantities through laughter and exercise, than crap made in a chemical way.

4. Get a part-time job.

The problem with all students — lack of money! No such student who has money and a lot of free time. If you can’t sit the parents on the neck, or at least want to lighten the load, then it’s time to look for a job. It is desirable that the work does not interfere with learning. We suggest you to start finding the position not earlier than the beginning of the second course.

First year at uni and so itself is heavy, especially if you went to study in another city. Look for a post with a partial employment or work on udalenke. To earnings would not hurt you to gain knowledge about your specialty. Yes, it will be difficult, but alas, no other way.

5. Call me mom

Not necessarily several times a day, but at least once a week. For her you’ll always be a little boy for which she is willing to do anything. Call her so she wasn’t worried and didn’t think you stupid fuckin ‘ up the money that she sends you.

Above all, you show your respect and love for her. Besides, who else but mom you give good advice, mother knows everything.

6. Go to uni every day

Especially the first year! You have to prove yourself as a diligent student. It really will affect your grades. During the session teachers more loyal to the students who regularly visited the couple. The teacher should know your face. Ideally, if he knows your name.

In addition, regular trips to the University prepares you for the routine of life in the office.

7. Booze

Don’t drink every day. You’re not a teenager, who first seized upon the bottle of beer. Constant drinking and night and day characterize you as an inexperienced student. You have your whole life ahead of you, time to drink.

Of course, nobody cancelled the legendary parties, which you’ll remember for years to come. But such a big bash to meet in your life a few times, but not every weekend.

These are the basic rules that can ease the life of a student. Most importantly, do not overdo it. Trust me, those College years you’ll remember for a lifetime, and they should be one of the best.

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