How to survive a temporary separation?


Hi guys!

My girlfriend is leaving for 4 months in another country, rather on the other side of the globe. Unfortunately, for all his desire I can’t go with her/to her. I googled on your question, but usually this tips type most often to communicate that, in General, correct. But I would like to hear from dudes that have gone through it. How to keep distance relationships? Can I protect his beloved from committing stupid acts (all know what I mean)? How to make it, to stop loving each other? Maybe someone has life hacks that do used?

Answer: trying to be useful to its readers and to touch on the most important topics in any area of life. We already wrote about the long-distance relationship the pros and cons, although, of course, how can there be advantages? When you get used to that person always there, it’s hard to start living without him. Miss and everything, and then there’s different thoughts: «And suddenly she’s there without me keen on others?» The opinions are well founded. Nobody likes to be alone, especially girls. But there is such a thing: if she has a strong feelings, you can sleep peacefully. Any there Dating she doesn’t go. She is bored and considers days when to meet you.

The usefulness of long-distance relationships is that it’s kind of a test of their strength. Well, think what four months? Detail. Moreover, it is important to not think about how she’s not a floozy, and how would you yourself not merged. Just think, she is there to get used to a new life, work, school or whatever it is. For him, everything is new and strange, and so will be full of emotions where still Dating men? Plus the language barrier, even if your friend is a polyglot anyway to communicate with foreigners more difficult, as a rule, with them and joke it doesn’t work.

To less to think about, not whether she did something stupid, and to not to do anything stupid, take your head with something more useful. Set a goal to read a certain number of books, such as 1 book per week, to be well-read never hurt anyone. Or become a God of pushups, physical activity excellent any beat the shit out of my head. In short, think of what to do, even if you have a very versatile lifestyle, but still enjoy lying on the couch thinking about not doing something bad your friend on the other side of the globe, so think of something else to pass the class. You will not notice how time will pass and you’ll be together again.

As you can see, here is a special hacking no. Try not to forget about it, chat on Skype, social networking and be confident. It is important! Of course, sometimes let’s him know that you’re worried about that you are far away from each other, so she could see your feelings, but no interrogations and such behavior out of jealousy. You’ll know by her joyous (or indifferent) when you, for example, to communicate in Skype, you have all good or all bad.

To worry about not stop loving each other, not worth it. Because if that happens, it means nothing; it was just love, passion, but not strong feelings. And if that’s not there, you have nothing to lose. Real feelings and serious relationship survive this separation with ease.

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