How to survive a public crisis?


So, Hello again, dudes I again have a question for you. I’m 18. Many think that I’m too young to be interested in the things you write here. But, believe me, «maturity» is enough for me. Now, to business. I live in the security of their parents in Transnistria (maybe someone knows what is this unknown country). In connection with the situation we have in Ukraine, the state began the crisis. Mothers of delayed salaries, her father was greatly reduced.

How to be in a state of crisis? What to do? On what to save? I’m disheartened by the situation in the country, and what do not know. Earlier this my family faced. There was even the idea to shift to Russia, so far at least as it can be done, but parents are against it — they have forties, health is not very. Sorry for beating around the Bush, just wanted to FULLY describe the problem. Thank you.


Yes, the situation is very scary, and we have not faced. It is difficult to advise something when you’ve never experienced it firsthand, but we will try. In a state of crisis, we think it should survive. So. This is the situation when you do not depend on anything. At this point, you realize what to do for one individual is extremely small, and understand that one man is not a warrior. Everything a normal guy can do in the current situation is to do everything possible so that his family survived this period with minimal losses.

Good or bad? All things come to an end, it is necessary to wait. Therefore, we advise you to find a part time job. To the extent possible. Even if the work is dirty, but may it bring you and your parents at least a loaf of bread. Go to the movers, get the employees of a trading hall, go to the cleaners — in short, anywhere that it is profitable.

We need to save. Buy in large quantity (which is cheaper) variety of cereals, flour, beans and grains. This diet is pretty basic, but will hold out for a time of emergency. No frills! Necessities, matches, salt, sugar and other things also take wholesale. It is possible to live.

I hope that we’ll at least helped a little. Survive and keep reading us, we’ll support motivating life posts.

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