How to survive a plane crash

manygoodtips.com_6.12.2016_z1E3jFMCsZQyMThe V century the Romans killed barbarians, and the experimenters of the nineteenth century ruined ambitions and irrepressible thirst for discovery. Attempts to send a man above the clouds was marked by the appearance of two cemeteries, one of which lay burned and broken body of enthusiasts, and the other twisted, burnt pile of metal, broken plywood boards and bundles of wires. But perseverance and faith in the technological ideal has taken its toll and now the blue sky decorated with white jagged condensation trail. It turned out, could have launched a steel bird under the edge of the celestial dome and more — were able to pierce the dome needle tip missiles.

But would not try and deal with a number of factors not obtained. Can the plane do not depend on the weather, the notorious human factor and technical problems. The height of the earlier, disastrous, altitude, as before, kills. Fatal, sad, but somewhere there is the universal drum of the «Field of miracles» discharge sector «Chance» and gives you the ability to survive even in the terrible crucible of tragedy. Waking up in meat torn from a chair, flying away with the unconscious body out, with broken legs and injuries — even this result is much better than the mythical end of the tunnel. Who will save the destiny and luck, that accident looks into the other eye, and those whom fortune loves not, have only to follow the rules, hoping they will help. The main thing-do not get confused and use all available knowledge.

Statistics chance

The chance of becoming a victim of unbearable aviation? Just one of the 1.2 million commercial flights has an accident. The crews carefully work out measures to prevent emergency situations, creating new safe non-toxic materials and improved fire protection systems for winged vehicles.

But even with this fabulous chance to die, as 1 to 11 000 000, the probability is. Flying is not more dangerous than riding the subway — so say us all around, but who said you would not under the car, or get jammed in the escalator?

1,5 thousand people in average a year are killed in crashes around the world, despite the fact that the total volume of air — more than 5 billion tickets. It turns out that the average death faces one of the 3.3 million passengers.

Thus 68% of the casualties are suffered by the fires after the crash. Most of the crash in which someone survived, is a failed takeoff or a forced landing. Operating in such cases, power is not as destructive as, for example, in the collision of two planes, explosions, tanks full of fuel, or falling from a great height. However, the chance is always there, and it depends on many factors.

The tail you save

Thanks to numerous studies, it became known that the safest seats are in the rear of the cabin. Moreover, the chance of survival is big — 40% higher than those who sitting in the front. The ideal option will be located near the emergency exit and closer to the aisle. Perhaps the chance of survival was sufficient payment for the hated place in the end of the cabin, on the aisle near the toilet.

Of course, when your shoulder pushes breaks through the crumbling knit thick ass is a turn in the toilet of a passenger, pleasant enough. Lined up to pee «just in case» queue hangs, looks at the gadgets and magazines, and the front seat reclined to the maximum, while your deprived of such opportunities. At such moments I start to look at the passing Cumulus clouds perched and lazy God to ask him why for the same amount some get the pass where you pull the legs, and easily fall apart, and others the privilege to experience the discomfort of the victims of the Inquisition, stuffed into the iron maiden.

But surviving passengers usually sit within five rows from the emergency exit in the rear. After this revelation I do not even want to take a seat at the window, it is better to be hurt by the table of flight attendants and the toilet queue. During a disaster of 1958, when the plane with the players of the club «Manchester United» crashed on takeoff from the airport in Munich, Bobby Charlton and Dennis Viollet swapped places with Tommy Taylor and David Pegg, believing that the tail of the aircraft they will be safer.

Strictly follow the commands of the flight attendants

manygoodtips.com_6.12.2016_7yRN90NVZCGkWCrew members are not just crucified in front of the passengers, from time to time bending down, bending over and showing where to go, what to do and in what order, if a sudden emergency happened. Would have been their will, they would simply be serving drinks and asked 12 times: fish or chicken. But they are trained and clearly know better than you how to act in emergency situations. So don’t get distracted by trivia while smiling stewardess shows you how to use the vest and what position allow the back of the chair. If you are told to regroup and do not unfasten your seat belt — so it needs to be done. The initiative is punishable, and in this case, and is fatal.

Known cases when panicked passengers of the rod to the traditional entrance and not for escape hatches. That’s what happened with the Boeing 707 in Pago Pago, where 97 persons who have committed such stupidity, burned alive, in contrast to smart passengers, dense in escape hatches.

Time 90 seconds

Once in a force majeure situation, it is human nature to rush to save his life. If you have time to undo the strap for 90 seconds, the chance of survival greatly increase. But bound by a panic people often starts in shock to try to knock the glass window, while remaining buckled in.

If signals from the crew does not arrive and you’ve managed to stay conscious after a fall, do not delay. Most importantly, don’t try to get his hand Luggage from the Luggage compartment. Better burn the hateful stuff than your scour compartment figure will complicate the movement of others and destroy yourself. Save lives, not Luggage.

The most dangerous time

3 minutes after takeoff and before landing, 8 — according to statistics, in this period occurs about 80% of crashes. So it is best to experience the rise alert and not to fall asleep after the flight attendant asked to bring back to level position and fasten your seat belts. To get out of the burning plane awake — not the best option, although there are worse — to get out of it drunk.

Joking aside, alcohol reduces concentration and coordination. How long was the flight, it is not necessary to swallow the «popular» sedative. We must be vigilant and ready to take the necessary measures in case of an accident.

Practicality life

Going into the flight, you need to get dressed so that you have an unforgettable experience in which case get out of the plane, not to look nice in the lineup. For this purpose before a trip it is better to take off all pendants, bracelets, chains that can be hooked, and glasses, whose broken glass can kindly dug into the pupils. All sorts of sharp elongated objects better just to drop it somewhere in the Luggage, otherwise the bounce they can become a part of your liver.

The rest of your attire needs to be thought out with no less care, especially when it comes to shoes. To run out in the dumping feet Slippers at least uncomfortable and unpleasant, especially if you are around all smokes and melts. Drop the hot plastic hits on the exposed area of the body, almost as pleasant as medieval torture.

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