How to survive a nuclear winter

The theme of «nuclear winter» as nuclear war, thumb in media, games and movies with enviable regularity. And all because of nuclear weapons there, and hence the most accurate people among their owners the chance to use a great fucking. Just as great as the consequences.

Today we will try to collect and tell you about the most effective tips for survival in the first years of the Apocalypse. Just say that it is very difficult, especially given the fact that «healing radiation» everywhere. But it’s worth a try.

1. The countryside

The chances of survival in a rural location significantly remote from major cities, much more than in these major cities. If their residents will not have the time to take refuge in shelters, they will be strongly killed by a nuclear salvo. It is known that missiles with nuclear stuffing will fly in the direction of major cities with important places: factories, structures of governments, important centers of religion and trade. But those who just knocked out city in the wilderness, the chances of survival. Small but would be. And from the big cities have to stay away, not in vain in the first part of the Fallout of the huge city of Los Angeles was referred to as the Burial ground: volley at him turned the city into a large mass grave full of the remains of people who once lived there., 25.06.2013, IeJTUyyvldrIAMLLSqcN6lja47REJzsv

2. Religious beliefs

It is not strange (we did not insult the feelings of believers), you will have to abandon religious beliefs, if you want to survive. There is a pretty good film about the Apocalypse «the Road», which very clearly shows how difficult it is to live with the man in the new cruel world, if he has any convictions. Although about to Rob and kill the heroes had no specific objections. Now you have to have got is likely to take it without asking and kill other people. And it’s not religious!, 25.06.2013, 9NKNrsxtv791siC0JhvJOs3VGHd5SbzI

3. To kill the kitty

Suppose that now you’ve become a hard-core atheist who lives in the village. But you still have a favorite fat cat, which is also lazy, stupid and arrogant. But you love him very much. How to be? The fact that together with the cat to live very difficult, because you have to look for food and the cat too. We can assure you that for your own good kitty to let go. Or release him into the wild or… kill. So even would be more humane.

Although if you have a big scary dog fighting, the chances of survival, you will be added. If you don’t eat., 25.06.2013, S7zbaLISRvGF69nxjlG30YQlG8QDBRhn

4. Shelter and protection

Another significant disadvantage of living in big cities in a nuclear winter — climate change. A layer of ash and soot that rises above the city, will prevent the penetration of sunlight to the earth’s surface, and hence, is frankly cold. Layer will hold over the city for quite some time, perhaps decades. You have to be warmed, and be sure to wear some kind of hat or headpiece. It is important! Avoid sleeping in open spaces and constantly find yourself some shelter., 25.06.2013, NYspEKAJqqZuwU0n0lR1Ofz0HtKqbN0o

5. Arm

If your country has a right to the possession of weapons, all will be relatively easy. But if there are problems, then the problem is with you. For starters, get yourself at least a knife. And even better — bow. Bow and arrows are not the best weapons for the Apocalypse — see the same «Road», not least because you have the opportunity after the shot, gather arrows and whittle a new one. But firearms recommend you can find. Gonna hunt., 25.06.2013, I2Z0xE2g86qKy80D9bUyR42G0d8JB1XA

6. To recognize cannibals

Everyone in the world is now divided into those with whom you can interact with the benefits, and those can’t be interacted with. The second will be those that will fear you, those who want to kill you, and those who want to kill you and eat you. To recognize cannibals turned out to be quite possible. In fact, the cannibals may suffer the syndrome of Kuru. Cannibals are shaking, stumbling, strange giggle, shake and are pretty aggressive. Usually with this syndrome, which is distributed for frequent eating meat individuals of the species live at most a year. But it is believed that Kuru occurs mainly in children and women., 25.06.2013, nyDXuQSMjrkyhRZB00PIrmPzM0N1tRt0

7. Travel alone or in small company

How strange, independent from society, introverts are much more likely to survive a nuclear winter. Hardly a large gang of raiders will be able to feed each other, I don’t think the world will have enough food to charity. More chances that they will kill and eat each other. Another thing — zombie Apocalypse, where every gun counts. Here the presence of families with incapacitated members of society is very, very harmful. But two friends with trunks — very useful. Although…, 25.06.2013, Zx38LSZHbT49e6OELOnrVVLYQYmYfmvC

8. Eat grass

You have to overcome yourself and begin to eat pasture and, more specifically, insects. The fact that smog and layer of ash will kill virtually all vegetation on the planet, leaving the inedible and hard. But the insects that will eat whatever is left, will remain. Here is their something you can eat. By the way, 100 grams of grasshopper contains 20 grams of pure animal protein. M-m-m!, 25.06.2013, U3uEwMUkLqD72UMuOMObNPbeFFGaRpfs

9.To separate the wheat from the nasties

If you steal in supermarkets or steal the necessary. Canned Dolgorukaya food, vitamins and clean water. Forget about the money and all sorts of cookies, but biscuits NB: they are stored for a long time. But bear in mind that in the world of canned food without expiry date. Even the toughest food for state orders are stored, according to legend, 10 years. It is because they are stored in special conditions. The maximum shelf life that can be expected from the ordinary consumer goods, 4 years for a beef stew. And this is ideal., 25.06.2013, YI1qPcxGQV5AwJB5oCuBuVSUZPQVONJi

10.Beware of polluted zones

The farther you stay from the places where bombs fell, the better for you. In Pripyat, in Chernobyl, is still deadly background radiation, and it’s been almost 30 years, man! Needless to say, if the contamination is «fresh»., 25.06.2013, ZqlJ2cBW3Pxwievn6XAAD92k96hdOdEg

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