How to survive a breakup with a girl and forget about her

Dude, I’ll say this: back — a thankless task. Very rarely people after a breakup and reunion live in perfect harmony. A Cup with a crack, water tight, and why it is needed, such chipped and current, when there are so many other lovely cups?

It’s time to start a new relationship, but first we must let go of the old to don’t screw anything up. Regardless of how you got out of a relationship, resentment is ALWAYS there. Even if you remained friends (who are you kidding?), you have resentment, anger and irritation against each other. You know, relationships don’t end just like that. They end when the two of you something fails and you start to blame each other what each of you did something for the common cause. If the relationship has outlived its usefulness, you mentally scold each other, no nothing did. If the relationship ended because some of you badly! or the love of another, left a huge inhuman wound from patient’s self-esteem and the realization that the one whom you have trusted, has deceived you in the best feelings. So when the two try to remain friends when someone in the relationship cheated on the other, they will not be able to be friends and adults with adult relationships, because you can’t relate normally to the person who tricked you.

Remove the former from friends, forget about her and get over it!

1. Focus on yourself

Dude! You have a happy time! Now you can finally do them. You have a free evening that you can devote yourself to the beloved and self-improvement of all varieties. When you done for yourself lately? When you are the one went to the cinema no girlfriend and friends? Go, this is a really good experience, quite enjoyable! Instead of sitting idle and suffer, occupy their thoughts and hands to good. I had a stupid period in my life when I broke up with a girl who was precious to me. Not to say that we were very close, but to leave it tight. I came home after work with a beer and rolls of salmon with cream cheese and ate them in huge quantities. Sometimes I would forget to eat, but every day to drink beer, though not unconscious, I didn’t forget. As a result, over a short period of time I gained five pounds, lost form and I had to restore it. So I went back to the gym, began to study at home, and that’s still doing this cool thing. Helped me get out of this state is not beer and rolls with salmon, and the gym, good movies and books. After a while I completely forgot about it. A fool she is, to be honest.

Most of the breaks, even in a relationship and there was love, anyway painful though because of wounded pride.

2. Focus on the work

Inject, man! Take part if you know that is not very busy, can do freelancing. You must be busy, you shouldn’t be able to think about her. When you really are passionate about something, then forget, then when the ladies think? Most of the breaks, even in a relationship and there was love, anyway painful though because of wounded pride. In men it passes in a couple of days, but someone long suffering. Focusing on the work, you can reach new career heights, to learn a new programming language and improve the skills that you will agree, it does!

3. Family

How is your mother doing? I didn’t see her? Visit it more often. If she lives in another city and it will take a few days, call her. Call her on the phone, on Skype or write letters. Mother will be pleased, and you will not feel lonely. If you have brothers, sisters or other relatives, give them a call, take a walk together, make contacts. You don’t have to feel alone, that’s what family is for. It’s materialistic, but it is correct.

4. Cut off all contact

Do you have it in friends on social networks? Take it to hell! You don’t need her, her presence will be you once a painful reminder of a failed relationship if you have, of course, things didn’t end amicably. Once I removed the former from kontaktika using a decent time after a breakup. I had almost forgotten about its existence, we barely texted (Hey you guys are «still friends»), and I felt for her just some irritation. She almost immediately wrote a letter about this: «Why are you acting like a child? I thought you were a grown man.» Do adults hypocritically called friends of people that they don’t do what usually do with friends, and rarely talk to each other? You know, man, those people who broke up and continue to communicate, it is rarely possible to call friends. Most often it is two people who tried to live together and they failed, so they occasionally communicate with each other. A little recrimination, because relationships are «wrong». A grown man — one that can easily abandon the ballast. And she’s the ballast!

5. Train

Nothing kills a girl, as your personal success. And that you can have success? New job? A cool car? Great girl? It’s certainly cool. But if you turn from a regular guy strong guy with a beautiful body, which will dry Chicks, it is guaranteed to be green with anger! As I wrote, swing and any type of physical activity is a great way of producing endorphins and exercise, which is uplifting. The first time you will of course be difficult, but then you’re in the presence of force of will needs to get involved. The main thing is not to quit! Don’t suffer inside and outside, and then do not suffer — enjoy the process and results.

6. Start reading a great series of books

You know what I did when I broke up with the girl that wrote above? I’ve been working out, read a lot and watched a lot of good smart movie. I read not only the classics, philosophy, and psychology, and began to read the great cycles of novels. Seriously, this is a great way to escape from everything, anything. You can read the classic multi-volume works such as «War and peace» or «the Forsyte Saga», and it is possible to pay attention to the quality of science fiction and fantasy, reading all the books of Tolkien, «Dune» Frank Herbert, «a Song of ice and fire» by Martin or Saga good Polish writer Sapkowski about the Witcher Geralt of Rivia. I do not believe I’ve read them all, well, partially! So you’re immersed in a world of someone’s imagination, load the head and the rest from the rocking work and one that broke your heart.

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