How to survive a bear attack


In many areas of Russian bears represent a threat to No. 1. Undoubtedly, bears look cute when digging in the trash looking for food, but come on, man, it’s a sense of security in the form of a bear-bum — pure illusion. Although rare, but still they attack people. Bears are killing machines.

Of course, bears very rarely attack people, but such an eventuality should be ready always. It is impossible to predict when you will have to use what we now describe.

When attacked by a bear, to behave differently depending on who clumsy you’re facing a black bear or a grizzly. That is first of all necessary to determine the species of bear from which you have to defend.



Color: medium-dark, closer to dark brown.

The structure of the body: grizzly bears have a distinguishing feature — the hump on the shoulders. This muscle, grizzly uses to pull the roots out of the ground and abruptly pull them with his massive paw.

Height: the average height of a grizzly bear about 195 cm.

Talons: grey and long, clearly visible in the distance.

Residence: the Grizzlies mostly live in Canada. However, there are in Alaska and parts of North-Western States, including Washington, Idaho, Dakota and Montana.

How to survive the attack of a grizzly bear

1. Take spray with pepper. Experts recommend travelers to always carry pepper sprays in the habitats of bears. Pepper sprays represent a highly concentrated substance capsaicin, which creates a large cloud. This substance usually stops the bear and gives you the opportunity to escape.

2. In any case don’t run away! If the bear sees a man running, he will take his prey, and haunts. Don’t think will be able to run away from him! The bear can reach speeds of 45-60 km/h. So if you’re not an Olympic Sprinter, you’d better not run.

3. Get down on the ground and get in the fetal position with my hands up the cervical spine. If you don’t have pepper spray or the bear continues to hang around even after spreading, it is necessary to take measures for effective protection.

4. Pretend to be dead. The Grizzlies will stop attacking if they feel that the threat has passed. If he decides you’re dead, he will think that he is not in danger. Once the bear leaves around the leaves and you step aside, don’t rush to get up, continue to pretend to be dead. Grizzly is known that they are waiting for the reaction of a potential enemy, look, don’t mind their sacrifice.


Black bear

Color: from pure black to lighter.

Body structure: unlike the Grizzlies have a hump at the shoulder.

Height: slightly less grizzly.

Claws: shorter than the grizzly, and not visible in the distance.

Location: more commonly found in North America, but they live throughout Canada and 41 of the 50 U.S. States.

How to survive when attacked by a black bear

1. Sprinkle it of pepper spray before the bear. As in the case of assault grizzly bear pepper spray is your first line of defense.

2. Straighten up and do the best you can to be louder. Black bears often pretend to attack. If you show the bear that is serious, he may completely lose interest in you as potential prey.

3. Don’t climb a tree. Black bears are excellent climbers.

4. Lean. If a black bear is still attacked to actively fight back. Use as weapon anything: stones, sticks, fists and even teeth. Aim and try to strike the face of a bear — especially in the eyes and nose. When a black bear sees that his victim is ready to stand up to the end, they usually give up.

And remember: we are not urging you urgently to go to the forest to look for the bear to apply that knowledge.

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