How to support in difficult times


Guys, recently I’ve seen that aren’t enough to support people (good word), as in difficult times, and just in the course of life! Although it always seemed to me that everything is OK with this, I Personally believe every guy should be able to support and inspire its close or not close the environment. So gentlemen, need help, how it correctly to understand?! Thank you.


Even animals know how to support each other, know it all who at least occasionally watch Animal Planet. A person too, and a fortiori it is impossible without support. Another thing is that the animals no one says how to do it, and at us with it there are problems. Sometimes really understand what it takes to support the person to say something, but standing like a stump and scratching his head.

Can’t say that I’m strong in this thread, but answering the question, I hope that if something is missed, then our readers will Supplement my answer (dude, I’m counting on you).


Of course, you can memorize a lot of phrases to know when and to whom they should talk. But, they can be empty words, if you do not come from the heart. If you want to maintain close at a difficult moment, or to sympathize with — the main thing is to be sincere. If you people care about you and you see that he needs support, and you really want to support him, the eloquence is not required. Sometimes strong enough a friendly handshake and a few words: «be strong, man,» or «I’m with you», or «I believe in you», «you’ll do» and so on, depending on the situation. Though of course, favorable it can be great help.

Not extra can be arms, especially if you support a woman. Men, too, can take, but it is necessary to know the mechanism of a man’s touch to do it correctly.


Needs support right when people need the most, and not when you’re comfortable with. For example you know that a person is going through difficult times, you have to call him, and even better to meet, but… do you think you’ll call him in a couple of days, because it’s the weekend and you don’t want to bother with other people’s problems.


In most cases, people do not want to know the truth, not strange. But, when a person in a difficult situation, honesty is important here. Support can sometimes include like a useful lie, when we say something like: «don’t worry, everything will be fine», but actually know nothing good will but want to cheer a loved one. But sometimes it’s better to tell the bitter truth, but to make it clear that you’re there to help you survive yet another thing that fell on your friend or someone else close.

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