How to succeed at work

manygoodtips.com_9.09.2014_kut9RDh4kXzMANo matter who you study or work, even if you’re a law student or Manager of any level, there are General provisions about how you can achieve success. You may have already read these texts and you are tired, but no motivation anywhere. The problem is that you just read, but do not practice. Once again we urge you to raise the ass. You’re not going to be an awesome guy who will respect and appreciate if you’re a lazy ass.

1. Be sure

Begin every day with confidence. Even at night you were miserable and cried into the pillow. We’ll forget about it. Today you go to work as if nothing had happened. All because you have to be ready for what will again see these faces. But you can’t break. And unpleasant people in the office to you not a hindrance.

How to be confident in the future? Need to you everything went according to plan. To do this, keep a Notepad by the bed. It really always helps. You know what the most awesome thoughts come before sleep and in the morning you forget. It is easy to fix. Now you’re going to write your plans for the next day, the bed pad.

You can help this crap like a mantra. Get out of bed, sit on the floor in a yoga pose, close your eyes and repeat «I will endure this day, I’ll survive the trip in a smelly bus, I will not break my head officer, I will keep myself and the evening to buy myself as a reward vkusnaja in fast food or supermarket.» The idea that you tonight to eat something tasty will definitely cheer you up.

2. Love the process, respect the process

If your job is time-consuming, then you know what it is about. Unless you like the process of work, earnings will be impossible for you. Society and the media often emphasize the achievements of the peoples, not remembering the grueling process through which it was necessary to pass before they reached success. Here are these people who think that you can easily and without problems to get rich.

In short, you need to love what you get paid. I think that prostitutes easy? You need to know about the process must know about every detail. The main thing is not to become the boring guy who came 15 years ago in the office and stuck in his position without promotion. He focused it on little things, but does not see and does not understand the process as a whole. You also need to attract not only little things, though, as we said, they are very important.

3. Survive

Professional crisis. So, the first few months you were just not catching up. Now you put out and the work stood. Then someone sneaks in front of you and ahead in the race for the championship. Don’t worry, everyone faces this!

It doesn’t mean your career is over you have to quit your job or find a new one. Stagnation happens at all, you’re the same person. You need to rest in order to continue.

4. Find a mentor

You will help people who will give wise advice and that will help to advance your career. It can motivate you, you want to know how to succeed or that sexy friend. You have to be an example. Let this person will not only talk about the successes, but also the error for you it is even more important.

But where do you find such an influential person? If you have forgotten, up to a certain age the main authority for you was your parents. Maybe their advice you can help. Don’t look far away, through friends and relatives. Maybe in your environment will be the useful person who can be your mentor.

5. Work

The most important and obvious. Work hard. If you’re only interested in success and you don’t care about people (it is in our time is normal), then go to the head. You’re a shit person, but you will have a job so don’t listen to anyone. Just go to your goal.

Once again we tell you that if you feel that you are treated bad, cut your rights and opportunities are not valued, get out of here without the slightest regret. Okay, okay, give you another month, but this will be the last month. If nothing changes, then… you know what to do.

You will succeed only if you are interested to work and you want to do.

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