How to strengthen your fists?

A fist fight is what brings together men from throughout the history of mankind. Battle skills were constantly improved over the millennia, but the base is always the same — strong fists. How can they be strengthened? How to work out the bumps? The simple answer — go to the Boxing section. But training can be at home, although best everything in the kit.

1. Beginning

Start kicking something soft. A great example is water. Type in the full basin of water and go clubbing in her fists. You’ll look like a complete moron, but it will help you to start your workouts right., 5.07.2013, aslcaDnG8pe8SBINTrkSrhlkSD8k0Jbl

2. Moving on to more solid materials

The next item on our list is the sand. Most importantly, friend, to know how to beat. If you don’t know how to beat, a great chance to damage not only the fingers but also the wrist. We adhere to the law of Wolff, a German scientist and surgeon, according to which our bones, muscles and tendons gradually become accustomed and strengthened as the load on them is increasing. Bay directly on the sand, and after sand try small pebbles or gravel, like Bruce Lee., 5.07.2013, 6PTINbr4xa3Eb9N0UMXUFckWaH6X5tRW

3. Push-UPS on fists

In fact, all these training was necessary only for the sake of it. To do push-UPS must not the entire surface of the fist, and only two joints. To start, simply wait for the fists and then do some pushups. If at first it will be difficult, you can use to support your thumbs. From the floor of the gym go to marble, tile or parquet floors. Do as many repetitions as you can, don’t overdo it.

There is also a very good tactic to strengthen the skin and bones in the pressing process. Get some wide planks, anoint them well with glue and stick to the wood a good amount of rice. Let this design dry for about an hour. Push-UPS on her first time will hurt, but then you get used to it., 5.07.2013, H8y9obq1vMclVTQGXSYV8O2s2CtFD54F

4. Work out the bumps with good punching bag

But don’t do it without zamatyvala wrist and arm bandages. Walk every day for 15 minutes, continuously basting the bag is perfectly strengthens your bones and hands. Finished with strikes on the pear? Go to hardcore!, 5.07.2013, vHUdaBM2cypMwmNeHZsBmHLtMsHRHHwH

5. Strikes on the wall with a piece of paper

To start, outline on paper the place for you to beat. Attach a piece of paper on the wall. Bay a short distance as long as I can., 5.07.2013, eTz0O516Ni7QLoJjVdfEnd4qUoeQTXqI

6. Repeat the exercise every day to give the possibility of bones and joints to recover, 5.07.2013, Ic5N5pixlDoyrmGNt2sZ8Kg4Bs4MDfUs

7. Time for Bruce Lee!!!

You can now hit the wall. Or rather, not to beat on the wall, and press hard on her hands and knuckles. If you are near a rough wall, you can RUB hand directly on the surface to strengthen the bones and the skin on his arm., 5.07.2013, cdW25TlArxXxq297HShKkNg8wjuJsJsL

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