How to strengthen Wi-Fi signal?

how to strengthen wi-fi signal

Wireless Internet — cool stuff. Now you don’t even have to get off the couch to be online — it would seem, is a pleasure. But there it was. Sometimes, you’re so-so, poke into tablet, watching videos on Youtube and all of a sudden the connection starts to act up. And immediately your high-tech Paradise on earth becomes hell waiting, even if you put flawed as 240. Whom will it please?

What to know how to strengthen wi-fi signal?

1. While you pay for Internet, no problems. But sometimes there are failures and one morning you find that there is no connection. At first you’re nervous, going to walk to the terminal, already starting to dress, but then your head comes a bright idea: it’s time to be picked up by someone from the neighbors. In such cases, high speed is not necessary to wait. It is here that you have and remember.

2. These valuable knowledge will help you enjoy success with friends. Girls always something there don’t know a computer, and sometimes unable to cope with even the most simple tasks. Imagine: she has a bad Internet connection, and here you are, all correct — and it’s in the bag.

3. And finally, the always relevant force majeure. We dudes have no idea what can happen in your life and where you can bring. But still, I agree that it is useful to know a trick that will help you with pleasure to surf on the Internet. Well, if not gladly, at least without tantrums.

In General, rejoice, man, you will always be able to sit in the toilet with the tablet. However, before you go to the toilet, have something to do. A few moments you just have to be patient, doing something once or twice and obchelsya. In order to solve the problem, you only need sturdy scissors, a tin of beer and your faithful calloused hands!

A cute Asian chick in this video will tell you what and how.

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