How to stop whining?


Hello, drugged! He writes you a whiner and a philosopher who lost because of his nagging girlfriend. Actually, this problem all my life Noah. I can find a million reasons why the world is all bad and unfair to me. Friends is good, but I want to a big company party, and to communicate with the girls. I read a lot and, of course, find reasons for their social inaction. Emil, Schopenhauer, Bergson, Sartre is eternal my friends. Once reached the limit, got scared and decided to change something. Went to the gym, has helped to get rid of the whining, and then again. Terribly afraid of loneliness, are hung up on any man that showed interest in me. Vile picture. As has become a man? How to stop whining?

The answer

Hello, dear whiner and a philosopher. What can I say? Your whining gives hope for a happy transformation. Not like Kafka in the beetle, but with paranoid hysterical women in normal man, able to take responsibility for their words and actions. Just need to get together and try not to repeat the life path of your friends of Sartre, Camus and others.

See, the thing is, the main paradox whining that it solves nothing. Noah, not Noah – but still the problem not solved. And whining very detrimental effect on health. Seriously, scientists from Harvard University in General I think that fans of the depression much more likely to earn a heart attack.

First and foremost, you need to grow up and begin to take responsibility for the situation, no need to blame on luck, luck, fate, destiny and bad luck. This means that, when you once again go girl, unable to withstand your softness, or again, you gonna come at you instead of depression and excessive lowering your cowardly philosophy of eichisky mode «reckless» and begin to analyze the situation, trying to understand where was made the wrong turn. Got a new girl – drop her. Can’t decide on such a serious step – be patient and don’t complain, you’re not completely sick of. This is the second paragraph, which is entirely dependent on your determination. Then you need to act rapidly and boldly, like a sword to cut, because only actions capable of anything to change.In addition, marred by existential thoughts friend, give up the mortal perception of the world and learn to look at it in a more positive way. If after «Nausea» and «the World as will and representation» you don’t have to look at the world with naked in a joyful grin with their teeth, then choose the tactics of careful indifference. Not that apathy, when all embarking on the course, and the purified, refined, which does not get upset over nothing. If after a conflict with the people you’re telling your Porcelanosa dwarfs: «Well, to hell with them,» that’s good. If the consequences of the conflict turned into snot by his own helplessness and injustice of the world, that go to hell, incorrigible lout.

The fact that when in life I see only the positive side or score on the little things before you were killed automatically stop complaining, stop noticing the negative things, you start to think differently.

A lot depends on your friends. Stop them sting and complaining about the imperfection of the world, people don’t like your choking the snot casleton. Unpleasant to them your problem, so stop sharing, unplug the phone at the slightest impulse to call and complain, went into the next room and just be quiet.

But there is what is called material tools. There’s a guy named will Bowen, who like you, have isdevil his heart and soul. He hates you, even wrote a book: «a World without whining». In it, he advises to treat the tendency to whining with purple bracelets. So, take the bracelet and wear it on your wrist. The purpose of the wristband must remain on your wrist for 21 days. But the trouble is that every time when you at least think about how to complain will have to remove the bracelet, put it on the other arm and start counting again. And so until we live no whining for 21 days. It is unclear what secret, the bracelet need to choose one which spikes inside, or the color purple so much annoys people, but, oddly enough, it helps.Others suggest to have a pet. A dog, a cat, even a chinchilla. The animal relieves stress and will carefully listen to your lamentations. Of course, there is a possibility that you will bring it to a heart attack his whining, but we hope that common sense you have left.

You know what else can help? The abrupt change of scenery. Drive somewhere far, far away, for example, fishing in Kamchatka Krai. Enjoy the beauty of the hills, work 16 hours a day and earn money. Turbulent career, new environment and neighborhood with a harsh men cool tempered nature. After all, you already went to the gym and know how hard work it is. Not worse to rock your inner world can hitchhike a ride. Regular travel also can, but if I had money… by the Way, have you tried whining to your creativity to translate your friends-philosophers? Maybe the poems you write or blog your head. Suddenly you’re the new Kierkegaard? And even if the conventional Mikhail Vasin, will have an outlet that will take the hit and save humanity and your time from useless whining.

There is a danger that the continuation of the funeral policy will turn on you latest friends. I have one friend who we try not to call for parties because all the parties he begins to lament the injustice of the music business (he’s a musician), lack of money and women. People have their own problems, only they can deal with them independently, with clenched teeth, and you about the same problems started up in the hysteria. Think you are a whiner and a slacker, because I’m nagging you, and on solving problems. Be only contempt and irritation to such a weak personality that some have turned into outright hatred.

All have long known that depression is a very contagious thing, and understand that the best way to escape from the pandemic – escape.

So be smart and live more, and do not read philosophers who sought justification for their vices and complexes. Say hi to your mom.

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