How to stop trying to prove something to others?


The desire to prove to others — a disease which affects a huge number of people. The more a person tries to convince you that he’s not paying attention to that «consider vile little people», the more he depends on the opinions of others, which can make it almost to jump from the second floor to prove to the world that he is the man. Generally, the phrase «you’re the man» makes people do all sorts of crap for the amusement of others. Why you need to abandon to go on about «weak» and «you’re the man»? It’s simple: you’re deprived of free will and begin to dance to the tune of others. How to stop doing it and try to become a person? Read on

1. People are already impressed when you do what you want

Think that it is better in the long term: to be hated for what you are who you are, or be loved for who you are. Actually, the only relationships that work well in the long run the best relationship, because they have a positive effect on us, not turning in those whom we really are is not.

Don’t pay attention to comparisons and haters — in each case they are missing. Haters for no particular reason — negative people, they really want to control someone else’s life. The only person you should be is you. Not to beat other people’s records, and its. Do not listen even when they tell you something like, «you’re in good shape, stop rocking». You think you look is not very good, so we need to keep moving. I assure you, decent people will celebrate the fact that you are acting on their own, it is perfectly clear and that is what you will be respected.

2. No one knows what’s best for you

Don’t lose yourself — it’s a good chance to be accepted by others. The ability to go their way surely and without waiting for instructions from someone else you should respect. All your steps you must do yourself and ponder too. No one has rights on you, because the only person who can understand you, must, on the English proverb, to walk a few miles in your shoes, and no one wants to do, believe me.

Let others be like you. Tell the truth even if your voice shakes. Be true to yourself and your own rules, then you will quickly realize that the world around is not so shit, just previously, you could not find the proper place for you.

3. You’re the only person that can change your life

Most of the people around can be affected (sometimes very badly) on your life, but none of them ever changes your nature, the maximum of the tip of the iceberg, which appeared above the water. What is buried under the cold waters, much deeper and more interesting, it is possible to change only you can! To change ourselves, to do what we want — that is our destiny. No one, matter how sincerely he loved us, will never know what is going on here in the shower. Even if this person is completely dissolved in us and lives our life (and it is generally a very negative part of nature).

If someone thinks that something you cannot achieve, do you seriously think that it makes sense to focus on this? Just do it dude and don’t look at the others.

4. What society thinks about your wealth, really means nothing

Of course, if this society does not condemn you to be burned at the stake, then his opinion means a lot! Every person at least once caught between his desires and what he wants from the environment. If you didn’t set out to live according to the perceptions of other people, know what is going on about them-then lose yourself. Erich Fromm in his «Escape from freedom», which I strongly advise you to read, wrote about the life of a doctor, who assured everyone around that she loves her job. In the end the result of conversations with a psychoanalyst, he realizes that he is actually the cause of his anxiety and neuroses that this profession he chose at age 17, when he gently forced his father. Dude wanted to be an architect, architecture was his passion, but the father softly, with some irony, convinced him that architecture is just a stupid pink kids dream, but if he really wants to prove that he’s a grown man who wants to do business, he ought to go into medicine. Dude chose a lucrative career as a physician is uncertain of the future in architecture. Most people always appreciate other people by what he is and what he does not. There is a car, apartment and a woman — a real man. No car and a Bicycle, and a loser. And so people really hard to explain that you never sought to earn his rust bucket. They do not understand.

5. Life is not a race

Life is a marathon where there can be winners. Why? And the judges are who, exactly? Happiness, progress and satisfaction with life is not the end result, but a constant uphill climb. So just enjoy the climbs and look around in search of beauty. Stop trying to prove that you are cooler than my brother, classmates and childhood friend. Actually, nobody needs it. But if you’re genuinely happy with your life and you’ll be hard to improve all areas of life, honor and praise to you, man! It’s obvious! If you’re trying to keep someone with something to prove, you lose touch with the real world and the ability to do what you like. Says Eric Cartman: «You guys, I’m home!»

6. Normal refers to the fact that people are remembering your failures

If people constantly remind you of your previous mistakes, does this mean that they are negative friends? They really have nothing better to do? It is obvious that they are extremely small that you remember all your moves to use them against you.

Setbacks and failures that haunt us a lifetime. If you treat them with caution, if after each failure to wring his hands and wail «why?», to listen to detractors who say: «I told you,» you’ll never amount to anything. You’ll be trampled by public opinion and humbly run to do what the public you have prepared. Now they will dictate you where your place is and what you should do.

Consider failures only as lessons of life, as a priceless experience. Such a truly Buddhist approach to life will save you a certain amount of pointless suffering.

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