How to stop thinking about sex

manygoodtips.com_23.08.2016_V2fxjRo8ZYo9tIt happens in the life of men, that the thoughts overcome someone’s… well, you understand. Really sit and constantly think about sex with someone, most often women, of course. And so much and often think that I can not even eat. What kind of job, if the blood pours from the head, and the head, instead, accounts, estimates and plans of female sweet spots. And I have to masturbate all day and night. And there is romance, love, solid animal wild call.

And what is particularly scary — you are drawn to all. To colleagues, relatives, girlfriends girlfriends, girlfriends friends, and even those women, whom you twice saw in my life. Sometimes you’re going in the bus, full of angry, sweaty people, and suddenly your eyes stop at her timid. Nice, pretty, and in General anything, and here, lo and behold, she looks in your direction… And all! Explosion, extravaganza, volcanoes all over the world let the lava, and the firework warehouse caught fire from an inspired salute. Are you sure that you sparkle and are already looking for a life jacket not to drown in her eyes, going over in my head when and where you’re going with her to copulate, but it turns out she was looking at an itinerary that hanging over your head. And did you notice this stuff, in my soul longing, but it is difficult to stop the process is started and a desire to fuck only intensified. And, as always, saw a girl with beautiful feet — mentally in bed. The saleswoman smiled sweetly — put.Doctor, what should I do? Nothing brutally to RUB one out, and hope for recovery. Sometimes, let go. And if not? Then build your own cabin comfort, where all your «victims» will gather a crowd of noisy, drinking tea, talking about life and of course to fuck. Such a house to the carnal passions. But this is only if animal magnetism and innate excellence is matched with a female debauchery. We can assume that you homegrown Hank Moody, which really turns out to hold people in bed like firewood in a furnace, and all whom you desire — by nature Sluts and harlots.But alas, it is a utopia, to realize all their fantasies is not possible, and otlupit «detachment hyperactive» to the bloody blisters, torn frenulum and normal fatigue from sex is an art available only to a few. What a simple, intelligent on the outside, and depraved the souls of the boys? If to carry out its plans against the will, you can be behind bars. Oh, all the troubles of women and the desire to make them something indecent.

To seek a psychiatrist, or with a cute medical treatment?

For starters, you need to dig in yourself. What does this concern? Maybe you just have a mental disorder, because of the crazy sexual desire is particularly strong, intensified. Don’t rush immediately into a stinking, terrible «yellow house», perhaps it is a slight abnormality which can be cured in a few visits to the psychiatrist.

manygoodtips.com_23.08.2016_KfGnDIgy40RzKIn fact, such symptoms experienced by each person, to a greater or lesser degree, and the desire to touch the spherical charms colleague or unfamiliar girls periodically occur in all men, even happily married. This is normal, it is normal animal instinct that is trying to hint to you, that even over hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, the meaning of your existence and has not changed. And the point is to leave behind offspring. And then there’s the society disbanded, and the summer unfortunately — the terms of a parade of short shorts. So everything is in order, but so as to concentrate on work it is impossible — means it is necessary to solve the problem.

But most likely, the diagnosis is simple — you have a terrible need to get laid. Be strong and think about the dark side of your erotic life. It may be worth it to have a girl, if one does not already exist. Regular sex and joy, a constant carnal orgasm, love lies at hand — this is the highest ecstasy. And if your regular sex if in bed, the passion, the desire to master the fairer sex… it will not disappear, will simply cease to bring as much discomfort.But what if the love side, but still drawn to sin? You need to think about what happened between you two lately. Brings you the joy of her society, or do you get emotions from sex. Maybe you’re not crazy, and she just you in the end got. Cool your senses, and the fire of love went out. It is quite a common phenomenon — from the relationship is gone the spirit of passion. But do not hurry to disperse, it may be worth it to sit down, to talk, to understand everything, to try to add spark in a relationship and in bed, and it is better to diversify them. Well, if not helped, then of course you have to call it quits.

Down with the reason of seduction! Pornography only provokes excitement!

«You know, adults and children, safer no light, and healthier too, no sex over the Internet» — sung geniuses with «H. S.». This may seem like a way to «cope» with constant thoughts about sex, but will develop addiction, sexual thoughts will start to visit more often and which to delete is simply impossible. Delete the folder with the downloaded porn, all bookmarks lead to lust «Pornhub». Humility makes a samurai a samurai. Drop the pages and sites that meet girls rosy to once again not to provoke.

Think about light or terrifying. Away thought stimulating!

manygoodtips.com_23.08.2016_ZDn2SVmJjuJhTWhat girls think during sex? Well it all depends on how the sex feels good. And the guys? About dead dogs, dead bodies, mathematics — to put it simply, things did not sexual. Same thing here — only in the head climbed the treacherous thought — think about things that does not correspond to the concept of sexuality. Here’s what may seem to be asexual? Could be accordion? And why not, do the folds of its fur somehow excite you? Or pumpkin? When another saleswoman reaches for a product on the top shelf, remember pumpkin or varicose plaque.

And in fear the subtle nature of the bad idea to kill, try lust be a primitive Duma to suppress. On sowing, the plan of sales, about the geopolitical situation. It is how it is, I thought — and rushed, to think about anything does not work.

While in conversation with that girl, devil and provocative, do your best to think about the essence of the conversation. This save three specific questions that you must ask her. While the brain is busy writing the talk, the blood is flowing in pudendal places. You can also start a conversation about things that interest most people and at the same time require effort of thought, for example, about religion in the poetry of Shakespeare, about how a rising Dow Jones index rises…… No, such things do not think.

Sport, care and hard work, will help to stop looking at girlfriends!

As soon as man turns his thoughts to the case, so just for some reason have thoughts about girls. Or about the money. Or on vacation on tropical beaches. Or the circle of life. Or just reorganization of the world. Or about the colonization of Mars. Or anything else this good. And when the case is quite impossible to postpone, we have to deal with them, and then not to women ruddy.

In short, the best of thoughts, discrediting the honor spiritual citizen saves hard work and busy life, if have no place to work. Work up a sweat, concentration and lack of free time does not allow to think about such things. When you think only about how to feed yourself, your family, earn on the moped and stay sane — so silly thoughts. Concentration and focus on their original purpose, and the attempt to achieve good results in feeling like a slap in the face with a wet hand.

If the plow does not work — Pasha in the gym. Any «manual work» after two hours of pant and potapochkina simply does not remain forces. Thoughts will be only about one — OK to go to bed right after the gym, bypassing the shower and kitchen.Here such muck, as the life of the plan. Of course, thoughts arise in the interval between these same things. But when you go to a concert of your favorite band, see the wildly sexy female imagined your relationship since Dating to bed, and all at a concert does not react to your favorite band? Don’t listen to the show and having a great time for shameless Masturbation in the toilet of the club? No. So plan your dead your days so that they were filled with interesting activities and events. Keep the end of the day some free time to relax and contemplate the events that have occurred, but not too much so as not to get bored and start thinking about women.

A note about creativity

Some offer to transfer their lusty desires. Only here the work is almost all on a given topic. Not the fact that «creative orgasm» and drawing members will help reduce steam. Concerned about the well-known artists and psychopaths, drawing of naked women did not become more restrained, quite the contrary. You can try, but the process of creating a song can touch up the bad thoughts in the process of deliberation, and in the next moment, dropping the guitar, trembling hand to frantically score Xvideos in Google search.

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