How to stop litter housing

manygoodtips.com_14.01.2014_B3RlIEnbzUXaTEvery time I find myself flat again turned into a garbage can, I wonder: HOW? How could this happen to me? Again?! I’m not a complete asshole. I’m normal type, cleaned every week — which apartment is in chaos? It is urgent to come up with this stuff!

1. Schedule of cleanups

For example, my floor on Tuesdays, vacuum on Thursdays, etc. is Not necessary to follow it unswervingly, as if it were the Bible, and you superverse fanatic. Sometimes just routine things helps to lift your ass and move it in a certain direction. Once you stick to the floor in the kitchen — will begin to wash it more often.

2. Contents fine

Came home, undressed and immediately put on clean place, but dirty send to the Laundry. If all of this will lie the only crumpled lump on the chair, as usually happens to me, then becomes wrinkled (iron worn is not raised hand), and not dirty himself in a prominent place. So the chaos only grows.

3. Do Laundry regularly

Not waiting until the dirty linen will climb out of their place of residence, filling everything in its path, and you will begin in a panic to shout: «Pot, not boil!» You’re nothing worth picking up clothes and stuff it in the washing machine and then hang. If you do it in time, you’ll be spared from having to iron from the mountain of underwear — or just watch it.

4. Do simple things daily

Opolskiy tub after it was washed. Wipe the phone. Wipe the table after meals and hang clothes, as soon as enter the house. It’s not difficult.

5. Some things must go

Give yourself a day and finally clear the cabinets. Clean out unwanted clothes and get into some psychiatric hospital, Church or cultural put next to the containers. If you have hated the shoes that you can’t stand for a couple of years, well and throw. Put it next to the trash — it might be useful to someone else. Give to the library unnecessary books razdarili stupid dishes under Gzhel, that was my grandmother’s, the Soviet blanket that is gathering dust in the cupboards and nothing takes place there.

6. The attack on the fridge

An experiment on the cultivation of the latest bacteria in the back of your refrigerator is unscientific. Once a month put them in the fridge. Wipe carefully. Throw out anything that has started to grow a beard. Do the same with the freezer. If forgot that in the package — throw away and not worry about it.

7. Organize!

Nothing supernatural: things that are often put closer. That need rarely, get away. Let him hang clothes in groups: pants with pants, shirts and shirts t-shirts t-shirts. So even in the morning it will be easier to gather.

8. If you have kotofey, get him to the toilet regularly

If his cat litter, this can be done a couple times a week. Cat waste products are not going anywhere by themselves, push the cat does not have a function of self-cleaning. Along with air purifiers bought, if you still no.

9. The Essentials always at hand

In the American TV series I have noticed one detail: when the heroes come home and open the door, then they immediately put the keys in some thicket on the nightstand near the door. It’s brilliant! I usually put the keys anywhere, go in the morning to run, locking the door with the keys of a friend, and before leaving to undertake a search of their. It would be nice to have a bowl and sunglasses, and they have to live somehow on the column in the room, and there for them is not the right place.

10. Great things to do on the weekends

Cleaning the bathroom? Saturday, no question. Will not last more than one and a half hours, but joy will be complete pants. Summer clothes get in the far right boxes in September or when you got cold, you won’t need until next summer. Do the same thing in March with winter clothes.

11. My dishes after eating

This will significantly reduce the time you spend scrubbing from China dried food debris and sauces. After eating all lazy and want to lie — but then, when already thoroughly forgotten what we ate, not too lazy to wash it?

12. Show bed

It’s so funny: it turns out, there are days when my girlfriend is a freelancer veiled bed just before my arrival. Oh Yes, we all are not perfect.

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