How to stop dreaming about every girl that paid attention to you?


Guys, can you please tell me what to do. I’m so lonely that as soon as I liked a girl leaves me even a fraction of his attention, I immediately begin to adore her and that is most annoying, start to make plans for the future, reaching almost to raise a family. So, how do I become a brutal man who will not be so vulnerable?


Want to be happy, be. Want to be brutal and also any. The easiest trick is to force yourself to imagine a beautiful, romantic and seductive, but also all the dirt of life. Do you imagine idyllic story about your future relationships and beautiful Dating. As soon as you catch yourself, remind yourself that your life will be a boring topic of conversation, the need to meet her family (not all of whose members are pleasant and kind), of quarrels over nothing, NIT-picking at your habits, menstrual blood — relations and of women in General is not only aesthetic, but also a domestic side.

Another recipe is to attend to any first girl that seems friendly. We are sure that nothing good is not over, because the issue of relations requires selectivity and responsibility. So you’ll see the slightest display of attention does not mean anything.

Although all these tips are not really serious. Described behavior reveals the author’s insecure dude. You have to convince yourself that you deserve a full relationship, full of attention and just what possess confident people. About confidence read here and here.

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