How to stop being like a tourist

manygoodtips.com_9.06.2014_jPxe7tEjo8czSThe tourist status is not as attractive as you might think. The tourist — not only and not so much the object of affection of the natives, but also an easy target for thieves, fraudsters and unscrupulous dealers willing to sell the goods at exorbitant prices, and other bad guys. If you want to come back from the journey unscathed, it is worth pondering, not to look like a tourist.

1. If people don’t understand what you’re saying, it does not mean that they can’t hear you

Screaming at the top of your lungs about your plans for the evening or to discuss the ass of a passing girl on the street of an unfamiliar city is not the best idea. For you, this place is another place on the map, but for local — the house in which they live, work and play. Your obsessive, «loud» behavior is annoying. Besides, who does not speak Russian, however, has «body language». You may inadvertently give yourself non-verbal signals. While abroad, try to imagine that you are surrounded by people who understand Russian. Thus you will avoid unwanted attention from others.

2. Get dressed to the goal of your journey

Nobody is arguing that clothing, especially a tourist, needs to be comfortable. Do not think that unbuttoned on the chest Hawaiian shirt, shorts with huge pockets and slates will solve the «clothing issue». This look is perfect for a beach holiday, but not for walking around the city. Take care of comfortable and not stupid wardrobe for vacation.

3. Imagine that you know what you’re doing

Traditionally, on the face of every tourist flaunts a print of wonder. «Where am I and what am I doing here?» — as if asking with his eyes. Try to plan your route around the city, use online maps. You will do the most for a foreigner who is on a business trip, and it already quite another matter.

4. Speak English

There is nothing sillier than the Russian, trying to explain something to a foreigner, talking exclusively in Russian. No, the Germans did not begin to understand the great and mighty, if you will be talking louder than usual. It’s not working. Moreover, such behavior is extremely disrespectful to the above mentioned German. Try to use the language of international communication, the benefit is almost all we learned about him in school, and if not, then there is always the opportunity to learn English.

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