How to stop being jealous and start living

Know why you’re still in the ass? Because you’re jealous! It’s slimy creation inside your head will never let you evolve and ascend to a new level. You say that we, successful, and beautiful, this is easy to say, but, first, thanks for the compliment, and secondly, we will now show why this feeling to anything good will not.

Down with justice

First of all you need to get rid of feelings which prevents all the cards, a sense of justice. Unfortunately, not everyone gets punished, so someone from childhood in mink diapers and with a Golden spoon in his mouth, and someone so poor that he had instead of toys to play with sticks and nails. Someone help to get troechnik diploma for a good place in a big company (and he still preferencial), and someone in the same company, nervously fingering your diploma, hear the answer: «Sorry, you do not have sufficient experience». Someone has a car and apartment, and someone they appear only after 10 years of hard labor. Such is life, and nothing in it changed. At all times was the elite, manages to live better than most. Therefore, stop believing in justice once again not to entertain a false belief.

Self-made man

Self-made man — the man who just made himself. Good old-fashioned tale, which feed young men of all social classes: rich and poor, to have at least some incentive to move my ass to achieve something. An old legend, dramatically equalizing the chances of all the people, because in any case, persistent guy, strongly believes in his dream, reaches more respect than Dan Bilzerian. And most importantly, examples of the self-made man around: Stallone, Onassis, Keitel and the list goes on. Indeed, their stories inspire and give to understand that perseverance and faith in their own strength, even in the absence of brilliant talent (sorry, sly, we still adore you) help to cling to the udders of the Golden calf.

However, in some cases, these same biographies can reduce self-esteem, especially when you’re 30, and your idols at this age were just getting to their first difficult period of narcotic oblivion. But the thing is that you choose the wrong BIOS for example. No-no, and biographies of the participants «House-2» is not our choice, we would have someone like the legendary Zaika and the main popularizer of scat on the planet of John Larkin alias Scatman. Brilliant and talented man, who created his own unique style of singing, however, became known only at the age of 50 years. Before half a century, he worked as an accompanist. So make your conclusions: not all rich, happy and famous fortune kisses the top of the head since birth, sometimes it collagemachine to be earned. And to verify this, read more biographies, not fiction.

Loser in the best sense of the word

When you complain that others more lucky than you, remember how many of the same losers like you. Only let us look at the etymology of the word «loser» is the man good luck is bypassed. That is, the achievements lucky not so little merit, he is lucky: he is in the right place at the right time, not knowing how. Those things that you spend a lot of energy and strength, given to him easier just by coincidence.

Here we should return to the first paragraph and remember that there is no justice — she died before Cain killed Abel. But you have reason to be proud of and brag about your accomplishments, dear loser. Yes, loser, but you and the farmer, and all your, even the minimum achievement opened without outside help, we can say, in spite of everything. So the price of your Daewoo Matiz» much higher value «Land Cruisera» your friend, with whom she helped to buy.

Engaged in business and self-development

You have your own responsibilities and its own share of responsibility, so focus on them. Mentally draw a circle, put yourself in the center and define: that you have to do, but it does not concern you. Every person is unique, everyone has their own way. Then why are you trying to mimic others? Do not forget that you had different resources and opportunities.

So do not take someone else’s things just because others can do it for him to climb. This is the main problem all aspiring business people who have decided to rise to chipawa product.Do not forget that the human factor is very important. For example, one language is suspended so that it is soap without any gap fit, and the other very educated and tactful to do so. One more chance to rise through the bureaucracy? What we wanted to prove.

And most importantly: the prohibitions themselves to compare themselves with others and constantly snapping at yourself when the habit will start to do it. First, it will be difficult, but the month — and a new look at old problems will become the installation, which will save you a huge amount of nerve cells.

Turn to self-improvement

Jealous of one who has a lot of free time. So get to work! Go to plow! Dream apartment? The car? Something is not clear. Yet evident is the fact that you erode yourself ryahu wider Newspapers, live dependent on, minding my own business and criticize all who at least somewhat more successful than you. See how simple it is.

If there is a job and money and success is still not visible, try to pump or to an additional skill. This is called the buzzword «self-development», but do not need to be limited to reading clever books, we need to develop the skills that somehow pay off. Just above we mentioned that it depends on the person, but lack the skills you can always get. So the man stopped in development, losing hope in everything.

You can take not only the mind but also the body. Get some exercise — immediately feel like you are leaving the bad thoughts along with negative emotions, and life becomes a little brighter.

Others are not better

Understand the lives of others not so wonderful as it seems. We all have problems. For example, conditional Vasey, whom you envy, short cock and Allergy 54 of the product. We all struggle against our own (and sometimes no) demons and temptations. Even if it creates the appearance that someone «just because» — it is only an appearance. Usually much of what is easily demonstrated externally, has a lot of complexities behind the scenes. By the way, this is another reason why you do not need to imitate others.

Rest more

A rested man is a good man. A mad because too tired and did not know how to relax. This gives rise to nervous tension, fatigue, complexes and semilunate Outlook on life. It seems that a lot of work, but get a fucking dog and your comrades who are working less, look more happy, manage to go anywhere. So who is to blame? You, of course. The person needs to spend time relaxing, because life seems more attractive and lovely. Well, no wonder they say that from the work horses die, and mental problems appear.

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