How to stop being boring

It was a

Who can be worse than pontavice? Only annoying. So I think 50% of respondents. The remaining 50% are trying at every opportunity to boast of his knowledge, achievements, experiences and just to piss people off.

Let’s first define who is a geek? It is not for years old at heart people, who do not feed bread — give to teach others wisdom and life. And from the point of view of the philosophy of deep bore is the same pessimist. Only if the pessimist melancholy visits during the difficult moments of life, the boring boredom in this lives. He is dissatisfied and still feels obliged to sit on the ears and to share their experience with those who have absolutely no interest. If you’re tired of that people, as at a signal, begin to go about their business, when you’re talking to or trying to expedite the conversation at the meeting, don’t worry, we’ll get you back.

Your problems are your problems

To cease to annoy others, you have to break the system of tediousness in my head. And above all, we need to stop shipping their problems. There are two reasons. First – they are not interesting, you wouldn’t believe. Second – you’re not interesting, boring bloke! That’s what I don’t like chatty taxi drivers? For that climb to its simple whining to everyone who sat in the front seat.

It is sufficient to inform the other person a minimum of parts. If it is interested, he’ll ask.

Not a clown, and witty

Sense of humor – it’s something like the stupid clown job that you can not stand. And you’re so smart and calm, but nobody stretches. Why? And because communication with you is heavier than uranium scrap. Very correct person is like a zombie: he has the same emotions, and it absolutely does not have to communicate. Take everything with a larger share of humor. Try not to argue, and to laugh it off, because wit is a sign of intelligence. If you can not boast of knowledge, tell it funny. Nicer because you can listen to. «Monty Python» and sandpapery life tell stories from everyday life, and people like!

And not necessarily for it to pour knowledge. And no need to disassemble other people’s jokes, explaining their stupidity. You Gordon, keep it simple.

His mother recovered!

No one likes to be corrected. No. Have to put up with irregular accents in the words «Quarter», «Ringing», etc. We are not supporters of the dialect and just ignorant speech, but I make it a rule to make people at least not more than once in conversation. In the end, the more you fix, the less people want to communicate with you.

Obsession kills communication

If the person doesn’t want to talk to you, find another companion. Otherwise, nothing good will come out. In the worst case, will send 3 letters that we had sent. In the best – a subtle and ironic hint that you’re driving him crazy. Remember the gorgeous film «Green elephant». The whole conflict in this work began with the excessive obsessions «to Go». But «Brother» warned…

Another thing that is important to learn to capture the mood of the interlocutor. See he’s already looking around, rapid answers, it’s time to call it a night. Trust me, you will leave a better impression than hand empty, boring chatter.

Don’t torture the companion long tales of his military exploits, the problems and quoting the Bible. If you’re talking more than a minute, you are a priori harder to listen to than to look for the most «bird’s milk» pigeon. Be concise. As they say, brevity is the soul of man.

In addition to this, you can’t tell, several times one and the same. Oh, how tiresome! Worse than just memes about Karl. Enough to tell one person about their Chiri, as everyone will know about it. It is not necessary to go to each.

Leave trivia professionals

Learn to identify the main, the main, leaving the rest of inconsequential details. Most likely, you will simply be considered a pedant, and therefore extremely boring establishment. You’re not Sherlock who was studying the next puzzle, so the world will live peacefully without a detailed description of the typology of the beaks in talking about the «Seagull Jonathan Livingston».

Wife learn to cook soup

A sacred rule for the expulsion of the nerds from the body!

Nobody likes a smartass. Remember this fact and stop messing with his advice to friends and colleagues. The more that you’re 28 years working as a caretaker at the school as a janitor doesn’t make you SuperCool. And that you’ve earned to its incomplete fifteen your first million, does not allow you to torture people with ballads about yourself. People are different, maybe they just alien to the lifestyle that you lead, your views and your credo. If they need, they will ask. And who said that your idea is correct, and you’re on the guys from the Prosecutor’s office.

Their advice you only spoil the situation by turning himself into a man with whom no one wants to communicate.

So, everyone knows that his advice you just assert themselves, and no dignity there at all. And that you honor does, so calm down.

Doctors do not like

So, I tried to be witty – everyone understood that you’re smart. Fixed wretched illiterate speech once – all understand. Therefore it is not necessary to demonstrate their awareness and education about and for no reason. In any case, no need to Supplement his colleague, who told an anecdote about a plumber, a presentation about the sewer system in Ancient Rome. Dopolni only if it is relevant, witty, doesn’t take much time and relates directly to you. If suddenly you heard someone in the crowd mentions the «Mad max», it is not necessary to go into the conversation with facts about alcoholic fits Gibson and the energy crisis.

Accept loved ones for who they are

Another sacred precept upon boring expulsion of the parasite from the intestine.

Stop trying to find fault with relatives, colleagues and friends. Understand that they have the right to decide for themselves how to live, and your opinion is not always correct. Don’t tell the wife to fry the potatoes. In her family for 4 generations cut slices, not shredded, and it does not mean that it is not right. What’s not to like? Furious? Annoying? Throw a family break with friends and go to the desert to get to any lizards that nobody touched your thin sincere organization.

More fancy

Use your imagination, young man. To look at the situation from only one side – a luxury available only to idiots. Try to take the place of the interlocutor. Expand your horizons and don’t be afraid to discover something new.

The times did not choose, they live and die

A little friendly advice: don’t scold the habits of the society in which you live. Not without reason the title of the item given a string of wonderful songs. Forget about common phrases like: «And here in our time…» This is the whim of an old fart and those for whom life has long been lost. It’s not so bad, dear man. Well, no luck with the era. And what to do – accept it, live and relax.

Horizons, etc

This is why this was boring? Because life is not happy, communicate. Then start doing what I dreamed of, to communicate with interesting people and try to ask what like normal people. Wanted to do crafts? Do we tell no one. Some suggest to start doing unexpected things like spontaneous camping in a downpour in the middle of the working day, but to put it mildly, on the fan.

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