How to stop being a workaholic

how to stop being a workaholicDo you ever take work on vacation or have performed a double load without additional payment? Workaholic habit is hard to overcome, because often they don’t even regard as harmful. However, they can destroy your relationships, harm your health and even your career: you can just burn yourself out. We offer you 12 steps that will help you to get rid of workaholism and to improve the quality of life.

Step 1: talk to the boss

The first and most obvious step is to talk to your supervisor on a more convenient schedule. Do not say that you have become a workaholic: just say that you have other priorities besides work. Boss this may seem like a weakness, however, serve this sauce personal life: you have more time for family. Family people I respect, and this difference can save your job.

Step 2: concentrate on the large order

For many years, you could forget about your true aspirations. It is therefore important to try to remember what matters to you the most value both in personal and professional life. You are doing what is ready to devote the rest of my life? You think about home, about family, and about some of their interests? Base your decisions on what you want to see your life in the future, not the nearest deadline.

Step 3: enough to take work home

Your working day should end once you leave the office, so don’t spend evenings in front of the laptop, finishing off something started at work: take this time to family and friends. Suggest not to answer calls during lunch break. Companies for yourself border. So, you inevitably will from time to time to call at work, but this should not develop into a habit.

Step 4: revive the forgotten relationship

Very often, the work doesn’t leave much time for loved ones. Call old friends, with whom no contact, build a bridge with people who were disappointed with the lack of attention. Let it be known that now everything will be different. If you have a girlfriend, stay with her at least 20 minutes a day but do really, would have been there at all levels. Try to make new friends.

Step 5: get a hobby

Don’t just watch TV and then go to bed every night after work. Instead, fill your free time for fun activities, mostly somewhere outside of your apartment. Our scheme assumes that this hobby will help you to have an extra topic of conversation at work. This will remind your bosses that you have other important things to do: so they will subconsciously less load you up with work.

Step 6: stick to your commitments

Workaholics paint every minute of his time: they must always stick to the plan. Should be proud that you are so responsible to all it is. You might as well paint your free time and hard to follow this schedule, since you’re so used to. For example, regularly call your friends or go out for a run: skip paragraph of the schedule frustrating, you know.

Step 7: get some exercise

You probably need a good workout to get you in shape if you worked every day for five hours more. A sedentary lifestyle will kill anyone. In addition, physical activity will help you to raise your self-esteem. It’s even better to choose a team sport to communicate with people.

Step 8: start to eat regularly and sleep

You spend a lot of energy to fight with sleep and hunger, better start to eat and sleep like a normal person. Do not give in to the temptation to miss Breakfast or lunch. Your body needs food, without it, you are not working as effectively. Take care of your physical health, a healthy body makes a healthy mind: so it will be easier to stick to your priorities.

Step 9: move during a break

Use all the breaks you can have. During the day you eat for Breakfast, lunch and dinner and sit at the table. To disperse the fat and feel better, be distracted from work and move. The fresh air and change of scenery will refresh you and help you to focus on what’s important.

Step 10: you should be a perfectionist

Contrary to popular belief, workaholics do not always appreciate the heads because they are trying to remove the slightest flaws and work very hard, bringing little results. It’s very important to learn to let things go. That’s enough to confuse the quality standards of the company and your own. Sometimes a good project better.

Step 11: less responsibility

Workaholics constantly stuck in the office, taking on various tasks and too little contact with colleagues as human beings. But you can trust them. When you’re forced to be out of the office, or just going on vacation, preporuke something colleagues — so you can truly disconnect from work.

Step 12: take your leave

A few years do not take a vacation and collect an incredible number of holiday months. Why? Use the holidays every year and spend that time on what is important to you. If you can afford it, travel to the places that wanted to visit — even within a country full of interesting. Need to work to bring you some bonuses.


It is important to remind yourself that you work to live, not live to work. If you live on the second principle, the, you, man, digging your own grave.

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